Puppy diarrhea treatment is part and parcel of owning a puppy. Puppy owners will tell you that there is no joy in the world like owning a cute little puppy. But with all the happiness these little mutts bring, you are also taking the responsibility of the care of your little bundle of joy. It doesn’t matter what kind of breed you have, all playful puppies are inquisitive and mischievous, and more than likely will ingest things that they should not, which usually will result in digestion problems. Vomiting and diarrhea are common occurrences when you own a puppy, and the best way to tackle these issues is to know what best puppy diarrhea treatment will work for your little puppy.

Causes of Puppy Diarrhea

The simplest way to gauge whether you have a healthy pet is by examining your puppy’s stool. Like humans, if your puppy passes solid stool samples, then it’s healthy and if it passes runny stools than more than likely it’s got puppy diarrhea and is not in a healthy condition. As in humans, puppy diarrhea can be caused by stress, excitement or even overeating, it’s not uncommon to find that a sudden change in diet will cause an abnormal bowl movement.

Puppies are like young children, they’re playful and will ingest anything they like, and this is one way puppies also get diarrhea, by ingesting poisonous substances. Diseases, dog worms, viral infections and parasites are the other known culprits that cause puppy diarrhea.

Don’t panic if your puppy is defecating more than usual, that’s just normal behavior for puppies that have diarrhea. However, should you notice that your puppy’s frequency has alarmingly increased or notice that it’s stool has blood, it would be advisable to take it to the vet for a check-up. Not taking the puppy to the vet could worsen its condition and the puppy could become dehydrated which could lead to fainting as well.

The vet will do their best to diagnose the condition, so to help the vet with a quick diagnosis; it would be helpful if you take a sample of the stool. The vet will then be able to physically check the puppy, while sending the stool for analysis. Medications will be prescribed for the puppy diarrhea treatment.

Puppy Diarrhea Treatment

It’s not common for owners to ask what the best way to stop puppy diarrhea is. After all, if your puppy is having frequent runny bowl movements, you know that it’s not only painful to see your puppy suffering; it’s also messy and unhygienic.

Puppy diarrhea treatment depends entirely upon how severe the condition is, but outlined below are some of the causes of puppy diarrhea and how they can be treated:

Sensitivity to Food

Manufacturers of pet food these days have gone to great length to make food that is healthy, delicious and nutritious for dogs and puppies, but you’ll find that there are certain foods that will not digest too well with your puppy, if this is the case why your puppy has diarrhea, then you will need to remove the food from its diet. Of course, it might not be the food at all, it could be a particular ingredient that may be the culprit, so you will have to find and remove it from the diet. The bad news is that it might take some time for you to accurately pin-point the food or the ingredient.

Coccidia Parasite Infestation

Young puppies are often infected by the Coccidia parasite, passed on usually from the young puppy’s mother’s feces. This parasite will infect the puppy’s intestines and will cause bloody stools. In most cases, the vet will prescribe medications to stop the parasite growth as well as medications to remove the parasite from the puppy’s body. This treatment can last upwards of 2 weeks depending on how severe the condition is.

Giardia Parasite Infestation
If you notice your puppy passing on foul smelly feces, as well as continuous vomiting, loss of appetite and being lethargic, than your puppy might have a Giardia infection. This infection affects the intestines as well as the skin, and prescription usually consists of a medication called antiprotpzoal. For highly effective puppy diarrhea treatment, it is imperative to bathe your puppy with medicated soaps to keep your puppy free from any parasites.

Puppy Diarrhea Home Remedies:

There are no real home remedies for puppy diarrhea treatment, common sense will dictate that if your puppy is experiencing diarrhea symptoms, then letting the puppy fast for one day is a good way for the puppy’s digestive system to recover. The day after, instead of starting your puppy back on its normal diet, substitute the food with something real bland such as boiled white skinless meat and some boiled rice. Keeping the measure small and feeding every 4 hours, your puppy should start recovering. If there is no sign of recovery, then go visit a vet.

Another puppy diarrhea home remedy that you can try is giving your puppy pureed pumpkin. It works wonders in most dogs and puppies, and is even known to cure pets of diarrhea symptoms within hours of consuming it. For small puppies, a few teaspoons every day and a few tablespoons for large dogs every day will usually cure the problem.

Puppies who have not received their proper vaccinations will usually get viral infections which will almost always result in puppy diarrhea. Owners are highly recommended to get their puppy’s properly vaccinated as recommended by vets. It is also highly recommended for effective puppy diarrhea treatment that puppy’s are de-wormed at regular intervals to prevent future roundworm and diarrhea problems.

Supplementing your pet food with healthy homemade foods is also one way in which you can promote a healthy immune system for your puppy. The combination of healthy nutritious food, regular medical check-up’s with timely vaccinations and proper puppy care will help combat current infections as well as preventing future medical problems.

In closing, puppy diarrhea treatment, whether it’s a home remedy or through a vet is only as important as the loving care an owner will give to its puppy!.