A new puppy is a welcome addition to your home, but puppy house training can be a daunting process. There are keys and tools, however, that can make this an easier experience for both you and your new pet.

Pet Training Pads Make It Easy

Once upon a time, we used to "paper train" our new puppies, putting down layers of newspapers and training them to "go" on the papers. This was messy and smelly, and ultimately, the floor still got wet. New and innovative pet training ads make puppy house training easier and much less messy.

Advantages of Using Pet Pads

These pet training pads are better than newspapers in a number of ways. First, they are made specifically for the task of puppy housebreaking. Padded and absorbent, puppy pads soak up and lock in moisture much like the material in a disposable diaper. Once used, they are easily picked up and thrown away.

Pet training pads are backed with a water proof material that protects your floor. Unlike newspapers, puppy pads are made to hold in wetness and keep it there. Your puppy pees on the pad, and the moisture is blocked from your floor by a moisture guard on the bottom of the puppy pads.

Finally, these pads are chemically treated to attract your puppy to urinate on them. Newspapers, obviously, are not. You will still need to train your do to use the pads, but some of your puppy housebreaking is done for you, because he will be urged to use the pet pads by the actual makeup of the product, as well as by you.

A Variety of Pet Pads

Puppy housebreaking is the same challenge no matter what size dog you are training. That is why pet training pads come in a variety of sizes. Dogs are generally categorized as small, medium, and large, and so do these pads. Choose the pads that are best suited to your dog.

If you would prefer a more environmentally green solution, you can purchase washable cloth pads that will last through up to 300 washings. These, like their disposable counterparts, are made to absorb moisture and contain it, and they are backed with waterproof material to protect your floors. The difference is that you may only buy a few of them and wash them as they are used.

These cloth pads come in a variety of designs as well, so when you have them out on your floor as you train your puppy, they are also adding a bit of decoration to the room. Choose plaids, puppy prints, or fashionable colors, to name a few options.

More Amicable Puppy Housebreaking

You do not want to spend your time telling your new puppy "no" all the time. With the use of these products, you can give your puppy lots of positive reinforcement, telling him what a good dog he is whenever he uses his pet pad as he should, building a solid relationship between you and your new pet.