There is nothing cuter than a fluffy little puppy.  We recently acquired a new some-a dog that was about three months old when we picked him up.  For those of you that do not know what a some-a dog is, that is some-a this and some-a that.  Otherwise, he is a mixed breed masterpiece.  Now we have to run through the list of puppy names and since his name will be used thousands of times in the next few months, of course we have to make sure we nail it.

His first trip with us was to a high school baseball game where he was immediately confiscated by a group of teenage girls.  His feet never hit the ground as they fought over who would hold him and spoil him the most.  While this group was like a walking encyclopedia of puppy names, none of the suggestions hit the mark with me.  It was going to require a little more thought than this bunch of girls were putting into it.

Naming a puppy is not something to be taken lightly.  This little guy must respond immediately when called and it must fit his personality perfectly.  One thing to remember is that puppy names should be two syllables.  This will help him distinguish between his name and the common commands such as sit, stay and come that all dogs must learn.  Also, of course, the name should fit the gender of the dog.  I hate it when people call a females dog Sammy.  I know Sammy can be gender neutral, but why confuse things.

Past those two simple rules, the only other thing to consider is your own creativity.  I like for my dogs to have somewhat unique and different names.  We have had the common names in the past because the children named the dog, but when I choose puppy names, I like them to stand out amongst their kind.  You have heard that dog called that has a distinguished name.  When he is called, everyone listens.

One last thing to consider.  Sometimes unique puppy names may have some hidden meaning.  You do not want your dog named after some evil member of a past lost society.  Outside of these things, just have fun with it and take the time to give the newest member of your family the perfect name.  Oh, by the way, the baseball fan surfaced in me.  The puppy proudly sports the name Sir Wrigley Addison Clark of Macon.  We just call him Wrigley.