If you are adopting or buying a new puppy, you have to make your house safe for him or her. This is best to do before bringing the new puppy home. Puppies can get into many things around the house and a lot of them are unsafe and can even be deadly. Puppies and dogs don't know what's good for them or what's bad for them, so we need to make their environment safe. Puppies are very mobile and very curious and that's what makes so many things in your house dangerous.

Keep all cleansers, chemicals and medications in a closed preferably locked cabinet. Puppies can't read labels so they do not know what is dangerous and what is food. Be especially careful with antifreeze. Automotive antifreeze has a sweet taste which will attract both puppies and dogs. Make sure to clean up any spills or leaks that are within their reach.

Place a tight lid on garbage cans or place them in a closet with a door or behind a cabinet door. Puppies and dogs see no difference between food and garbage, it is all food to them. many items in the trash can be dangerous such as cooked chicken bones which can splinter and cause major digestive injury. Spoiled foods can cause vomiting and diarrhea.

Close all of your closet doors and keep them closed at all times. This will protect your clothes and shoes from being chewed and protect your puppy from swallowing buttons, metallic adornments and other choking hazards.

Store all plastic bags in a closed cabinet or closet. Plastic bags are dangerous because if a puppy chews them small pieces of plastic can partially or completely obstruct their breathing. Puppies can also get their head stuck inside of a plastic bag and suffocate.

Keep the doors to appliances closed to avoid accidents. Dishwashers, ovens, washing machines, dryers and refrigerators can become a death trap to a curious puppy or dog.

Keep all houseplants out of the reach of dogs and puppies. Dogs like to chew and some plants are deadly.

Make sure all small items are off of the floor and out the reach of a puppy. These items include pins, needles, paper clips, rubber bands, children's toys and jewelry.

Keep the toilet lid closed. An open lid can lead to drowning or drinking chemical laden water or bacteria infested water. The water can make your dog very sick.

Keep all electrical cords out of a puppy's reach. If the cords cannot be put out of reach, spray the electrical cords with a bitter spray such as bitter apple to deter a puppy from chewing and avoid electrocution.