It can be hard to find a good puppy training guide online but you can start with this one.Good puppy training has become a necessity when more and more people are buying dogs as pets because they are so lovable and cute.

For many, this is a great reason to buy a dog but there is also a big responsibility involved.As a dog owner, you are responsible for taking good care of the puppy for as long as it lives.

Personally, I would never buy a puppy just because it looks cute, I would have more selfish reasons like being able to get out of the house more and getting in better shape.3 to 4 walks with the puppy everyday would do wonders.

Here is a short puppy training guide with some basic do´s and don´t.Use these simple training rules as a basic outline to make your puppy well behaved.It must learn some basic things or else you as the owner will have a lot of problems in the future.Dogs must be trained as puppies and they will be well behaved as
adults as well.There are of course exceptions with everything.

1.The puppy should be comfortable staying in a crate for some time, so this is perhaps the first thing you need to train it for.Most people enjoy playing with their puppy all the time so this is something that is easily overlooked.A puppy needs to have it´s own time and space where it is not disturbed.

The easiest way to train your puppy for staying in a crate is to put it there for 15 minutes every night and be sure not to pay any attention to it during this time.When 15 minutes have passed, take the puppy out of there and reward it for it´s good behavior.Extend the time slowly and soon your puppy is used to the crate and feels comfortable in it.

2.It is not acceptable to jump on guests and family members.It is a bad habit and this is something you need to teach your puppy early and often.When your puppy jumps on people for the first few times, be sure to correct it in a positive way.Do not let the puppy get away with this, because it will happen again if you do not say something.A habit is tough to break after it has been established.

3.Teach your puppy not to run after other animals or people.Dogs have a basic chase instinct and they will chase after anything that runs away from it.

4.Train your puppy to stop barking when told.Dogs often love to bark, so this may be a tough habit to break.Your job is to stay persistent and correct your dog every time it barks.

5.Do not allow your puppy to get protective of it´s bed, food or toys.If you think this can become a problem, just test it by taking away the toy your puppy is playing with and see how it reacts.If the puppy growls then you will know that this may become a problem.You are the boss and pack leader, not the puppy.This is something you need to remedy as soon as you can.

6.Train your puppy to be home alone for some time without supervision.Puppies tend to get bored quickly when left alone, so make sure it is not destructive.Train your puppy by leaving it home alone for 5 minutes and come back, the next time for 10 minutes and so on.Eventually you can leave your puppy home alone without ever having to worry that it has chewed your expensive shoes or made a huge mess in the house.

7.Train your puppy to be comfortable in other places as well, not just at home.Your puppy will at some point spend time at a dog groomer, a veterinarian, the kennel or another person´s home.