Years ago, getting insulated rubber boots, meant getting a plastic bag over your shoes or socks, and then into the big rubber boot. These were used basically to stop your from getting wet. They were not very comfortable, and usually too big, but did stop your shoes or socks from getting wet.

Some kids would have to wear these all winter long over their running shoes, instead of winter ones. They ended up being more like a shoe cover than a boot. But insulated boots have come a long way now, no more plastic bags for protection from those spring thaws and icy puddles.

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Best Insulated Men's Rubber Boots

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They fit well, are taller, and sized for men, women and children. For those that prefer these to hiking or shorter boots, you are going to love the extra layer of warm insulation that keeps your feet toasty through those winter months and well into the spring slushy stuff.

You no longer have to reserve the waterproof ones for just for the spring thaw and muddy times. With insulated ones you can wear them all season long with no fears of getting cold or wet.

If you always owned waterproof ones that were not lined with insulation, then you probably put on a couple pairs of socks and hoped to keep your toes warm against that cold rubber on the inside right? But what choice did you have if there was nothing but slush or mud outside? Regular and leather boots don't stand a chance against the slush and mud of late winter and spring.

Insulated ones, are just that "insulated" with neoprene or thinsulate insulation that can insulate your feet from the cold without being too thick. There is no bulkiness to these insulated rubber ones. Which is perfect for getting your feet in and out.

If you live in a cold climate and want to wear them for working outside, hunting or other winter activities, then these work well, especially when dealing with slushy and muddy conditions and freezing cold puddles of water. Most winter hikers can not deal with these conditions, so by wearing an insulated type, you will not only have warm feet but you will be waterproof as well.

They are a good investment for anyone that needs to be in slushy, muddy conditions and nee
ds the warmth. Even with the lining of insulation it is not hard to get these on and off your feet. You will enjoy the comfort that this warm lining brings to your feet.

You can get these at most shoe store and work wear stores, but you can also purchase them online at such stores as Amazon.

Many people prefer to wear insulated footwear all winter long over regular winter boots. With their height, they are good even in deep snow, and when paired up with some snow pants or rain pants, will keep your feet dry. So, if you prefer to wear a rubber boot, but had basically put yours away until the spring, or had to wear numerous pairs of socks to put them on, then consider insulated rubber boots, and they will get you right through those cold and wet winter months. No more freezing cold toes.

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Kamik Men's Hunter Cold Weather Boot,Black,10 M US
Amazon Price: $51.50 Buy Now
(price as of Mar 25, 2014)