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If we are working on a tight budget, we can just purchase refurbished laptop computers which we can use in our homes or even inside the office.  Owning a laptop in this modern internet age seems to be a ”must-have” nowadays that people need to have one so that will not feel left out.  Computers can be quite costly and expensive, and if people cannot afford to buy a new one, they can just settle for a refurbished laptop computer and serve the basic purpose on why they were acquired in the first place.


Some of us do not want to purchase refurbished laptop computers because they have some fears on its quality and on its performance.  People are simply afraid of shelling out money to buy a lemon, and are not that open to the idea of taking this risk.  However, not all refurbished computers are lemons because there are even good reconditioned ones, so to speak.  In fact, in some instances, there are those who are lucky enough to grab one which operates in tip-top condition and consider it a steal when they acquire it.

What are refurbished laptop computers?

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Whenever we hear that a computer is refurbished, one thing is certain, it is not the original thing, which is why it costs less than the genuine ones.  When a computer is refurbished, it can be a broken down computer which was treated by “technicians” by replacing some parts and introducing some advancements to make it look and work like a brand new one.  Or, a computer is refurbished if it was put together by parts obtained from other computers which have been way past their prime.  In either situation, we can expect that these computers do not work efficiently as the original ones because these are basically second hand and reconditioned items.  To better understand this concept, it is like a broken down computer who has already lived its life, but with a little treatment, is forced to operate again but with the following caveat: It is not the same as it used to be.

Why should we even think of buying one?


So it’s a second hand item, why should we even consider buying one?  Well, for those who really want to own a computer but simply cannot afford it, this is the answer to their problems.  Also, even though it is a second-hand item, it does not necessarily mean that it will not perform well.  There are some cases where refurbished computers turn out an excellent performance, thanks to the upgrades and replacement of some parts.  Hence, for those who want to own one or would simply want to have a spare on hand, then this is the reason why they stick with these reconditioned computers.

Are there any risks?


For every reconditioned computer purchased, buyers are always advised that the item is reconditioned and refurbished, which can only mean one thing: Never expect it to work as good as the new one.  This is actually one of the risks we really have to take whenever we buy a second-hand item.  It has to be treated with utmost care and gentleness, because it can easily get broken.  The good thing about it is that these types of computers always come with a warranty, so it is practically a good idea to keep on using it while it is still well-within the warranty period.

Also, people can expect these gadgets to have some hidden defects which sellers are not expected to divulge because what is important to them is to get rid of these gadgets immediately.  This is another risk people take when they buy a refurbished computer because some defects take time before they show themselves.  However, people should not lose heart and feel frustrated when this happens because things are normal in situations like these.

How can we tell if it’s a lemon or a steal?

It is very difficult to determine if the refurbished computer is a lemon or a steal at first glance.  This question is normally answered after it has been used for some time.  If it performs well and meets the expectations of its new owner, the sale is considered as a steal. However, if the computer conks out and poses a lot of problems, such that it entails a lot of return trips to the computer shop, then it is clearly a lemon. Hence, the best test on this matter would be a simple actual hands-on usage which, if we are lucky, the defects will show sometime immediately after the purchase and within the warranty period.

Things to consider before we purchase a refurbished computer

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No matter how impressive a computer looks like, we should always bear this in mind: it is refurbished.  While it may look good on the outside, these are the types which we must be wary of.  However, the best way to prevent us from being conned into buying a lemon is simply make a thorough inspection of the item and keep on asking those questions on its specifications.  After all, it is better to be safe than sorry.

While costing plays an important factor in the decision to acquire one, we should also take into consideration how it was put together in the first place.  While a refurbished computer may be less costly, it does not necessarily mean that we should jump at the first one we see. In fact, computers which are sold at a very low price usually have a catch attached to it.  Remember, refurbished or not, it is still a computer and it still commands a high price.


In conclusion, before we purchase refurbished laptop computers, it is always important to thoroughly inspect the item before proceeding with the sale.  Even though the reason may range from simply wanting to own one so that we can have something to use at home, we should always practice extreme caution whenever we are buying one.   We should always remember that no matter how it looks like, and regardless of what the salesman says about it, it is still a second hand computer.  Thus, whenever we decide to purchase refurbished laptop computers, we also purchase the risks and the hidden defects that come with it since it is basically a package deal.