ChickFilA Coupon

ChickFilA coupon calendar - spend a little, and get a lot of free food.

Purchase this calendar, use the monthly ChickFilA coupon on each page of the 2011 calendar, and save approximately $30 during the year. The cost of “The Cows of Reality TV” 2011 calendar is $6. Spend $6, and get back $30 in complimentary food – sounds like a good deal to me.

Listed below, after each food item, is a price in parenthesis; these prices are based on my local restaurant in Virginia. Your restaurant could have a different price for these items based on where you live.

And of course, there are some restrictions, so always read the fine print. For instance, they can only be used at participating restaurants. They can’t be combined with other offers, and they can only be used one per person. Also, certain items are only served certain hours of the day; so be sure to take that into consideration when planning your trip to the restaurant.

My family likes this fast food restaurant, so it easily fits into our lifestyle to eat their no charge offering each month. Every year, somewhere under the Christmas tree (disguised as best as I can) is a calendar for each of us to use during the upcoming year. It makes for a nice treat when running errands and/or shopping to be able to have a fast food meal at little or no charge.

When I purchase these calendars, I make sure to charge them on a credit card that is offering an extra 5% return on restaurant charges. So, I save a little more money by getting a cash return on my purchase.

What to expect in 2011:

ChickFilA coupon for January

Free spicy chicken biscuit (new item/price not available yet) or small bowl of hearty breast of chicken soup ($2.25)

ChickFilA coupon for February

Free yogurt parfait and Dasani bottled water ($3.74)

ChickFilA coupon for March

Free large diet Coke ($1.69)

ChickFilA coupon for April

Free nuggets (8 count) ($2.79)

ChickFilA coupon for May

Free chargrilled chicken garden salad ($5.39)

ChickFilA coupon for June

Free small hand-spun milkshake ($2.55)

ChickFilA coupon for July

Free medium freshly squeezed lemonade ($1.65)

ChickFilA coupon for August

Free large Sprite ($1.69)

ChickFilA coupon for September

Free spicy chicken sandwich ($3.05)

ChickFilA coupon for October

Free large Coca-Cola ($1.69)

ChickFilA coupon for November

Free Chick-N-Minis (3count) ($2.15) or large waffle potato fries ($1.79)

ChickFilA coupon for December

Free large Coca-Cola Zero ($1.69)

What I do to make sure I use these each month is to cut them from the calendar right after Christmas. They are all put into an envelope, which is placed in a drawer in a cabinet in the entrance hall of our home. Everyone knows where they are, and if they think they will be going to a fast food restaurant, they simply grab a ticket, and take it with them. I check to see, before the end of each month, to make sure they have all been used. If the ChicFilA coupon for that month has not been used, I make a point to redeem it before it expires.

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