Monochrome laser printers differ from ink jet printers in the absence of color and in the clarity of the print out. Monochrome laser printers grant a more satisfying clarity than other types of printers and are available in styles for the home user as well as large corporations. Monochrome laser printers are more economical to use and the preferred choice if you print a large amount of text. While they are missing the color component, you won't need it. A high quality text is eye catching without color.
Monochrome laser printers such as the Lexmark E120n ($140) with a return toner cartridge program, 16 MB of memory, 600 dpi, and 20 pages per minute printing capacity and the Brother HL-2170W ($150) with both wired and wireless interfaces plus a starter toner cartridge are smart buys for the individual as well as a small office arrangement. The toner cartridge is an important expense to consider when purchasing monochrome laser printers. Printers that are supplied with a large amount of toner included initially are helpful for a person setting up as well as are printers with economically priced replacement cartridges. The Brother HL-2140 and HL-2170W monochrome laser printers work with the Brother TN360 High Yield Black Toner Cartridge at under $50. The HL-2170W also works with toner cartridge TN-330 priced at $33. Monochrome laser printer models for the office are fast in their output of the printed page. Brother model HL-5250 DN sells for approximately $105 and prints 20 plus pages a minute of text and 9 plus pages per minute of graphics.
Another Brother model the HL-5280DW priced at $335 is supplied with an LCD display and Wi-Fi. The Brother HL-5280DW has a quiet operational noise level as well. Brother's HL-2040 has most of the features of the HO- 5280 DW, sells for $325 and also offers Linux compatibility with 600 dpi resolutions. Samsung company produces the model ML-2851ND for a cost of roughly $245. This office monochrome laser printer prints out text pages at a rate of 30 pages per minute. Samsung's ML-2851ND may print out the cheapest page around for about 1.8 cents per page when set on default of 600 dpi resolution without harming the quality of the print out. You can also adjust the toner setting on this model with a toner saving setting with great results indistinguishable from the original setting.
The Samsung ML-2851ND will print 50,000 pages per month on duty-cycle which scores high for small office use, other printers such as Brother's HL-5250 only manage 20,000. The monochrome laser printers weigh in at approximately 14.3 to 26 pounds and vary in size from about 14.6" by 14.2" by 6" to 14.55" x 15.98" x 10.2" or 17" x 11.6" x 15.6" (W x D x H) and various sizes in between. The biggest difference is often in the weight of the printer, if this is important to you, you may like to check the weight of the printer out before you buy. Major manufacturers of the printers have, at least a model or two with compact size in mind if that is what you want, although sometimes the micro size costs slightly more. Oki B4 10dn at $250 is equipped with a duty-cycle of 50,000 pages per month and 32 MB of memory (RAM), while the Oki B6250 is priced at approximately $450 full retail and has 128 MB of memory with an available 512 MB memory module upgrade, when, if added gives the printer 640 MB of RAM. This model has a 533 MHz processor and compares to the Konica Minolta or Epson while being priced much lower. The larger the job the more memory you will need. So, if you have a sizable office or large company you are buying the printer for you will need to choose a printer that either comes with a larger RAM or can be upgraded to a larger MB of memory. When shopping for a monochrome laser printer you may be interested in a multi-function monochrome laser printer with scanner, copier and fax built in.
The Brother MFC-7820N does all of this and sells for about $300 and includes both wireless and Ethernet interfaces. The Samsung SCX-4500 also prints, scans and copies while selling for about $299 and features a sleek black body and sapphire blue LED lights. This all in one unit prints 16 to 17 pages per minute, has 8 MB of memory and has a TWAIN/WIA compliant flatbed scanner. The Samsung SCX-4500 hooks up to your computer with USB 2.0 and is compatible with Windows 2000 through Vista, Mac OS 10.3 and 10.4 plus several Linux OSes.
Toner cartridges for Brother's monochrome laser printers are often as low as $30 and no more that $70, while Samsung's cartridges are priced from $30 to $80. A great high performance monochrome laser printers is the Dell Monochrome 7330dn with a printing capacity of 50 pages per minute, priced from $500 to $1000 at various retailers. Other printers from Dell start at $200 and are comparable to the Brother HL-series and the Samsung models. For more flexibility in where you work, purchase a portable printer scanner as well.