When it comes time to buy that new outdoor grill that you have been yearning for, you need to make sure that you understand most of the various grilling features. For first time grill owners, all those various features and new terms can be confusing. That is why in the following article I will cover all the different grilling terms and features and how you can use that knowledge.

While you don't actually have to know all of the different grill terms if you want to buy a new outdoor grill this season, you should at least get to know this one: BTU. The most common phrase that you will hear is that of the British Thermal Unit (BTU). A BTU is the quantity of heat it requires to raise one lb of water by 1 degree. It can also refer to the heat value of various gas grill fuels.

The first thing you should probably think about when you choose a new grill is the fuel type. Grills come in hundreds and even thousands of different models, sizes, and fuel types. The standard charcoal grill is probably the most familiar type of outdoor grill. It uses charcoal to cook food rather than the standard wood or propane fuels which are the other 2 main types of grills. Essentially just choose which ever type of fuel you prefer which also fits your needs.

Surface size and grilling area is another crucial factor to keep in mind when choosing outside grills. A large grill and surface area might go to waste on a single guy and small grill might not be enough for someone with a family. It just depends on what you need at the time.

If you value your time, you should probably think about a grill that has some modes that help with the cleaning process. There are all kinds of different things from special cleaning doors all the way to self-cleaning features. Its just how much you want to spend vs how much you hate cleaning and wasting time.

And finally you need to know what to do with all this information. Well first you need to look all the different fuel types that would be suitable for you and make an informed decision about which would be best for your situation. Then you need to look at the various sizes and brands of that particular type of outdoor grill. And last but not least, look at the assorted special amenities that you need and see which models have them. Then it's just a matter of price vs quality. If you have followed along in this article than you should have no trouble at all.