There are many different styles of tea sets available both online and in regular tea shops. The first thing you will need to decide when buying a tea set is whether you want to purchase a regular Western style tea set, or if you would prefer a Chinese tea set. Both are very elegant however they are very different in appearance.

If you are buying the tea set as a gift for someone else you may want to inquire what type of tea they like to drink, whether black or Chinese teas. If they prefer black tea then you should purchase a Western style tea set. If they love Green or Wulong tea then you may want to purchase a Chinese tea set instead. Chinese tea sets also make great decorative displays in a room, even if you do not necessarily use them for drinking tea. You can also buy Japanese tea sets which are different again from either the Western or Chinese sets although they more closely resemble the Chinese set.

When buying tea sets you can choose either a ceramic set, stainless steel set, a fine bone China tea set or a silver set. You can also buy very nice clay Chinese sets as well. There are many different types of tea sets, available for a variety of different prices, the key is finding the type of set you want that is within the price range you are willing to pay.

Whatever type you buy, it is best if it is something that can be used. Make sure that the teapot has an insulated handle and preferably an insulated base as well. Cups should be easy to hold and drink from. You will also need to decide if you want a set that comes with a tea tray or one that consists of a teapot and tea cups only. Silver tea sets do not always include cups; they often only have a teapot, cream pitcher, sugar bowl and tongs.

Many sets can be bought in gift packaging which really enhances the look of the tea set especially if you are planning on giving it as a gift. They do may great gifts for engagement parties, bridal showers and house warming parties. A classic sterling silver set, or a silver plated set makes a wonderful gift for any home maker and is something that can be kept and handed down from generation to generation; definitely something that will be appreciated for years to come.