Contrary to what some people may think, ladies bicycles are not a recent invention. In fact, the first ladies bicycle came out in the late 1800s, some time after their male counterparts were first introduced to the public.

If you are a woman, you may find that there is a very important advantage in using a ladies bicycle. Regular bikes are not very friendly to the female physique. Compared to women, men have shorter legs, longer torsos, and longer arms. Regular bikes are created for their body type, not women's. Fortunately, ladies bikes were created in order to bridge this gap in the market.

If you are thinking about purchasing your own bike, also consider looking at used ladies bicycles. As long as you are patient and well-informed, you can actually purchase a used ladies bike that can last you a few years, and save you some bucks. Here are some tips you can consider if you are buying one.

As with buying any other bike, be sure to check the bike fit. Do not ignore the little discomforts. When you have been biking for long distances, these minor pains will end up more distracting and more distressing than you think.

Check the brands as well. Since you are buying something used, you may as well go with a well known brand that otherwise would have been expensive. Some popular bike brands include Diamondback and Cannondale.

Check the speeds as well. Many of the newer bikes have over 21 speeds, but if you are not going to be using all those options, why spend more on them?Check the brakes. V-brakes are the best kind, but if you cannot find this feature, you can probably go with center-pull brakes as well.

Once purchased, used ladies bicycles are easy to restore. Start by airing up the tires and oiling the chains. Recheck the brakes, and replace the tires. Don't forget to tune-up your bike as well, and you will be good to go.