Make sure you buy the right forklift truck for your business

The majority of second-hand forklifts are owned by smallish businesses that either cannot afford or don’t need to buy new.   By following a few basic rules you can make sure the used forklift you invest in is right for the job.

1. What truck? – Prior to doing anything, find out what specification of lift truck would best suit your particular handling needs.For example, what sort of weight is the forklift going to be required to lift?, what height will the forklift be required to lift to? Choose what type of power is more suitable for your requirements, but remember, engine powered forklifts are generally used outdoors. If replacing an old and worn-out truck, it is not advisable to assume a newer vehicle is the best option. Discuss what your production requirements are today and tomorrow.

2. Manufacturer - You should only get in touch with key manufacturers who have a good reputation and offer a diverse selection of tried and tested trucks. A main seller is going to have many types of inventory. 

3. How old is the forklift and what condition is it in – Picking out the most up-to-date forklift might not exactly always be the most efficient selection. Prospective buyers in many instances make the big mistake of leaning towards younger forklift trucks, however the amount of operating hours and condition of the fork truck are a whole lot more significant than age.

4. Has the forklift been well maintained – Most of the trucks offered for sale by primary sellers are from their own rental fleets, maintained by them from brand new. It becomes an bonus simply because rental forklift trucks stay in the possession of the dealer until eventually they are able to sell them at the end of the contract period, thus it’s quite definitely within the dealer’s interests to service them. An ex-rental fork truck, consequently, can be a bargain with numerous more successful years to give. 

5. Super-cheap at first, high priced in the long term - An inexpensive fork truck could possibly financially impact you much more over the long haul. Preferably be sure to ask to view  the forklift to check out  the forklift functioning prior to buying. If you are selecting an electrical truck, look into the condition of the battery pack and that also it will accept a complete charge because these are typically quite expensive to replace. Ultimately, if a truck is cut-rate, think about exactly why. It will always be worth forking over more for the right forklift since this will save you far more hard earned cash later on. 

6. Spares - Check that spare parts will be readily available for a long time and also replacement parts end up not being pricey.