Pure Cashmere Collection is an online retailer of the finest cashmere clothing. From scarves and gloves, to jackets and sweaters, their range of cashmere for men and women is unparalleled.

Pure Cashmere Quality:

Pure Cashmere ethically source their cashmere from Mongolia, where they adapt a fair trade ethos to their producers, the animals producing the cashmere and the workers. All Pure Cashmere garments are hand finished, resulting in cashmere clothing of the highest quality.

Pure Cashmere Range:

Pure Cashmere also sell other goods, besides cashmere. They offer jeans, tops, trousers and formal and party wear in a range of fabrics, to suit all occasions. Think Banana Republic – it's a classic, classy and elegant look for business and leisure. There is also a range of leather bags and purses on sale.

Pure Cashmere - an Investment:

When considering buying cashmere, you have to put aside the expense. That said, Pure Cashmere offers a range of high quality cashmere at very competitive prices. It's not expensive for the quality you are getting. But it's important to think of cashmere as an investment to be worn over many years, rather that just one season. As such, you should consider buying cashmere pieces in neutral, classic tones, rather than high-fashion shades, to ensure you get years of wear from your cashmere piece. If you are still struggling to justify the expense, you may wish to read my article - Cashmere - Is it Worth It?

Cashmere colors:

Pure Cashmere offer free color swatches, enabling you to see a shade before you buy, meaning you won't be disappointed with your purchase.

Pure Cashmere looks to consider – cable knit:

This season, cable knits are very much in vogue. Buying a cashmere cable knit in a gray, brown or camel will not just look hot this season, but for many to come. Check out the ladies cable polo sweater and the cable short sleeve cardigan.

Pure Cashmere looks to consider – smooth elegance:

For a classic look, consider the cowl neck sweater, available in 6 colors. The superfine V-neck sweater can be dressed up or down, making it perfect for sophisticated day-to-evening wear.

A V-neck cashmere sweater not only adds warmth without the bulk, but is a timeless classic that will never go out of style. I have one in the heather charcoal shade, and it's something that gets worn at least once a week.

The 'blonde' color puff sleeve cashmere cardigan is a nod to fashions sleeve trend, but not enough to make it 'for one season only' – in the tasteful camel shade, it's sure to go with everything and fast become a winter wardrobe staple.

Pure Cashmere Care:

Pure Cashmere offers great advice on their website for cashmere care, to ensure your cashmere looks great, year after year. They also offer a cashmere comb to help remove any of the natural pilling that may occur. They also offer sweater storage bags and cedar balls to keep the moths at bay during the summer months.

Overall, as an owner of many cashmere products from many companies, I have to say that the Pure Cashmere Collection is one of my favourites in terms of style, quality and value.