Pure Peppermint Oil - Uses and Benefits of Natural Aromatherapy Oils

Pure peppermint oil is a fundamental requirement that has to be included in your first aid kit. Pure peppermint oil is essential, almost colorless oil that has a pungent odor. The liquid looks very similar to water except that it is highly viscous as all other essential oils are. However, the color of the peppermint essential oil depends on the procedure of its extraction. In some cases, it could appear as pale yellow or a little greenish.

Pure peppermint oil is extracted through steam distillation

Pure peppermint oil goes through a process of extraction from the fresh leaves of the peppermint plant. The extraction process is done through steam distillation and once the fluid is already there, you will observe that the peppermint oil has a strong aroma very similar to that of eucalyptus essential oil.

Inhalation of pure peppermint oil improves the systems in the body

Pure peppermint oil is an essential oil that is needed for someone who is suffering from respiratory, pulmonary, cardiac, and even digestive infections. All you need to do is to drop a little amount of pure peppermint oil to a handkerchief or any cloth and slowly inhale the aroma of the oil. Pure peppermint essential oil is a good treatment for someone who is having a serious fever, coughs, and colds. The oil itself has substances that diminish your headaches and migraine. Also, it is used to burn fats easily for a quicker digestion and it soothes the body's respiratory system.

Pure peppermint oil stimulates the sensory organs

It has been proven through the conduction of several experiments that pure peppermint oil improves the body's sensory organs. When eating, inhalation of the oil could boost your appetite and also improve your sense of taste. This feature of pure peppermint oil then is ideal for the people who suffer from appetite loss. Pure peppermint oil could also be very helpful to students and office workers who cram for their exams and reports. Even when you stay wide awake the whole night, this oil increases your mental ability and in this sense you will gain more focus. It is easier for you then to recall your past lessons and discussions.

Application for pure peppermint oil is very simple

Every time you travel by land, sea, or air, make sure that you have pure peppermint oil inside your bag or pocket. Pure peppermint oil is very essential in traveling because when your head aches in a motion sickness, you simply put some drops of the oil to a clean tissue or a handkerchief. In the case of having flu, you just have to put a few drops of the pure peppermint oil to a cold towel and place it on your forehead. Cold compress is very important to maintain your body's normal temperature. Pure peppermint oil improves the stimulating effect of cold compress. It soothes you body's respiratory system and it is easier for you to breathe in and out. When you are suffering from body aches, you simply pour the pure peppermint oil to a towel and use it to massage your aching body part. You do not have to wait for long periods of time to observe the effects of the oil. Once the oil is in direct contact to your skin or once you inhaled the solution, the therapeutic effects of pure peppermint oil will be clearly noticed. Your body then will feel relieved from the stresses of daily life.

Pure peppermint is ideal for skin infections

Due to the fact that pure peppermint oil has anti-fungal properties, skin problems like irritation, dermatitis, acne, and dryness could be treated. As a substitute for commercial skin care products, pure peppermint oil works exactly similar. However, the best results would be gained if you combine moisturizing creams with drops of pure peppermint oil. Doing so gives you the perfect efficiency of both products and you will see that your skin infections would gradually be gone.

Where to buy and for how much

In Amazon, pure peppermint essential oil costs $15.40 for 30 ml while smaller amounts like 10 ml are sold for about $5. Other peppermint oils which are cheap despite the large volume are not pure and are mixed with synthetic oil already.


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