Luxury Soaps

Coming home from a stressful day at work is an overriding invitation to the cold and enticing bath tub, not to mention the luxury soaps waiting for a soothing rub. But what makes the inevitable experience even more inviting is the quality and marvelous effects that luxury soaps offer, not only to the skin but to the total well-being of a person. Luxury soaps must not be underlined as an indulgence but rather as a self-gratification and therapy.

What is a luxury soap?

Luxury soap is an enhanced soap that enthralls not just the sense of smell of a person but performs with the other senses as well. This type of soap produces more lather compared to ordinary soaps and gives off a more satisfying fragrance. Compared to other kinds of soap, luxury soaps are more often used for recreation and in combating stress and psychological distress. In this sense, it does not only cleanse and smoothen the skin but also stimulates brain function and promotes a healthy disposition. Typically like other soaps, luxury soaps comes in a bar but are also available in liquid formula.

Because luxury soaps are mostly used as anti-stress, this special kind of soap comes with plant extracts known for having relaxing properties just like lavender, jasmine and rose. It follows that luxury soaps also serve under aromatherapy, a breakthrough in the field of alternative medicine. Using luxury soaps allow a person to inhale the fragrance of plant oils containing several health benefits.

A luxury soap is lavishness in itself because it already contains natural skin softeners, essential oils of healthful plants and different kinds of moisturizers. Unlike other regular soaps, the lather contained in luxury soaps is gentler and more comforting.

If a soap is purely organic containing all-natural ingredients, it can be considered as a luxury soap. More often than not, this soap is used by people experiencing mild to severe allergic reactions to chemicals contained in regular soaps. All-natural luxury soaps are also great for infants and toddlers as the use of regular soaps containing harsh chemicals and perfumes can leave their skin dry.

Why use luxury soaps?

Soaps vary in different aspects. That's a given. But luxury soaps are considered a luxury because of the amazing ingredients they contain that are not present in ordinary soaps. Sure enough, these ingredients make luxury soaps exceptional as these items are often rare and matchless. Luxury soap not only cleans but it also leaves a moisturized and nourished skin. Instead of leaving a soapy foam on the skin that causes the skin to dry out like what most ordinary soaps do, the rich lather in luxury soaps leaves the skin soft because the it functions like a cream. Luxury soaps will help improve the look of your skin that is why it is now considered by many as an addition to their regular beauty regime. Besides, it offers the skin amazing and therapeutic aromas and better quality ingredients compared to regular soaps.

Where to buy luxury soaps?

Luxury soaps can be purcahed in your favorite health and wellness stores and even in your local supermarkets. You can also order it online from different soap manufacturers.

Gianna Rose Atelier® sells 100% vegetable-based and triple-milled luxury soaps that also come in gift sets. Vegetable-based luxury soaps are creamier and longer-lasting. There is also Andalucia Soap Company that manufactures completely natural hand-stamped bars of luxury soaps. They sell sixteen types of luxury soaps containing locally-pressed extra virgin olive oil and aromatherapy essential oils. These soaps also contain other premium grade oils and organic butters. They also offer unfragranced soaps for those who prefer it. The Andalucia Soap Company's luxury range includes cafe and almond, cranberry, eucalyptus and camphor, ginger and juniper, green tea, mango and shea butter, may chang, azahar, oil of argan, orange spice, pineapple and coconut, pure shea and many others. Every 90-gram bar is sold for $ 8.43.

Here are some famous brands of luxury soaps that are available in Amazon: L'Occitane specializing in shea butter ingredients sold for $10.00, Crabtree and Evelyn known for 100% vegetable ingredients sold at $6.50 and Lush famous for their Karma soap at $7.95

Types of luxury soap

There are different types of luxury soaps. A new type is produced by different soap companies every now and then depending on the demand. One type of luxury soap that is being sought after by many users is the seaweed soap. It is often used as an alternative to treating acne because it is considered as an astringent. Seaweed luxury soap has a great exfoliating effect on the skin as it removes dead skin cells. It can also help to remove fats that are naturally underneath the skin.

The newest and probably the most expensive is the triple-milled luxury soap containing organic vegetables, glycerin and Australian clay is the famous Black soap. It is very renowned for its amazing spicy fragrance. It is sold for $20 per bar.