June 2009 a pandemic began, this pandemic is known as H1N1 virus, better known as the Swine Flu. The Swine Flu spread like wild fire from Mexico, to the United States, to Canada and finally reached many countries around the world. Currently, one in three people who are experiencing flu like symptoms are said to have the H1N1 virus. Between Tamiflu shots and H1N1 vacines people are doing everythin in their power to avoid contracting the Swine Flu.

But what if the vaccine isn't for you? What other options do you have? Well, the first and foremost option is to wash your hands and use disinfectant at every opportunity. You will probably notice Purell hand sanitizer at every shopping mall, in every grocery store and just about any major place the public frequents. Purell hand sanitizer is fantastic for killing the germs and viruses associated with colds and flus but what about for those occasions when you aren't near a Purell hand sanitizing dispenser what can you do?

Purell Hand WipesPurell Hand Wipes

Let me introduce to you a wonderful little product that you can carry in your backpack, purse or pocket, they are called Purell Hand Wipes. Purell hand wipes come in a number of different convenient sizes to fit any need. Grab it from your pocket after handling a public telephone to clean off your hands, or better yet, wipe down the hand receiver and buttons prior to use. Work in a shared office space? Make sure to wipe down your keyboard and mouse with a Purell hand wipe prior to working as they say that your keyboard and mouse can be as dirty, if not dirtier than a toilet seat.

There are many germy surfaces in your house that you could wipe down with Purell hand wipes. Consider wiping down the following surfaces with a Purell hand wipe every couple of days:

  • Light Switches
  • Cupboard doors
  • Microwave buttons and door handle
  • Door Knobs
  • Hand rails
  • Dress Drawer handles
  • Remote controls
  • Video game controllers
  • Cell Phones
  • Car Keys
  • Steering Wheel
  • Gear Shifter
  • Power Window Buttons
  • Tooth Brush
  • Condiment containers
  • Fridge Door Handle
  • Sink Faucets

Chances are you have never even considered wiping many of these surfaces down outside of your standard cleaning schedule. Believe it or not these are some of the germiest areas you can find in your general living space. Take a package of Purell hand wipes with you to work too, to really help disinfect your areas and prevent yourself from landing the nasty Swine Flu.