Puresource2 Water Filter

Your frigidaire refrigerator and the puresource2 water filter:

Replacing the puresource2 water filter in your Frigidaire fridge is surely an annoying chore. When you are first looking at new refrigerators, nearly all individuals forget to check out the cost of changing their water filters when they can no longer be used. The model, features, and price are usually a bigger factor to people than how often and how difficult it is to change the water purifier 6 months down the road. But the truth is, the attention you pay to taking care of the water you put in the body every day should be far more significant to you than "how many ice cubes" your fridge can make.

When you should replace your puresource water purifier:

A great rule of thumb is to change your refrigerator's water filter at least every six months. If your home is within an region that has poor water purification from the public utility, or even if you have a well as a supply for your every day drinking water, most experts recommend replacing it every 3-4 months. The crucial factor is to monitor your filter every few weeks, paying attention to a "full" signal light on the filter itself, or watch for caution messages on your refrigerators LCD screen.

The dangers of not replacing your water filter:

There are two major risks if you don't change your refrigerator's water filter frequently. The primary is that there is a possibility of bacteria and mold developing in the filter. If a filter gets overused, or even just underused for virtually any extended period of time, your water filter is the perfect incubator for mildew which is then immediately put into your drinking water! The 2nd issue occurs when filters are clogged and overused, they actually have the potential to put sediment that were taken out from earlier water streams back into the pipes, in which case the filter is in fact doing more harm than good.

Where to locate replacement puresource2 water filters:

With the explosive expansion of companies developing online stores, it has become much easier find replacement water filters than in the past. Most manufacturers have online stores that allow you to purchase authentic replacement filters direct, but there are inexpensive alternatives that offer the same federal regulated standards of filtration. One of the best places to find replacement water filters are from reputable online companies like Amazon.com. However if you would rather buy your replacement water filter in person, oftentimes the store you purchased your fridge will carry replacement filters.

How to change the puresource2 filter on your Frigidaire refrigerator:

Changing the water filter in you Frigidaire refrigerator is easy. Depending on the model, you are looking for a small rectangle that says "puresource2." It is usually in the upper right hand side of the main refrigerator compartment. (If you are unable to find your filter, be sure to check the manual for it's exact location.) Then simply press the release button to the right of the filter and it will pop out. Installing the new filter is as easy as sliding it into the slot and pressing firmly until it snaps in.