Maytag Puriclean II Water Filter

Amana and Maytag refrigerators use the Puriclean II water filter:

Replacing the puriclean II water filter in your Amana or Maytag fridge is definitely a chore most people wish they could forget about. Most people considering purchasing a new refrigerator often overlook the cost of changing the water filter that is used to filter your water supply before dispensing it. Usually factors like the features, style, and construction are more important to buyers than how difficult and how expensive it is to change the water filter six months down the road. In reality, clean drinking water is important and you should not overlook the water filtration capacity of a new refrigerator, and how expensive it will be to replace the filter in the future.

When you should replace your puriclean II water filter (model number wf50)

A good guideline for the amount of time you should use your refrigerators water filter before changing it is about six months. However, you should really look for warning signs that you should replace it sooner like poor taste, or decreasing flow intensity. If you live in an area that has notoriously bad water, or if you get your water from a well, experts suggest changing the filter every 3-4 months. What's most important is that you monitor your filter regularly to make sure you are not overusing it.

The danger of not replacing your Amana or Maytag water filter:

There are 2 primary dangers of not changing your refrigerators water filter according to the manufacturers suggested timeline. The first is the fact that overused, or even underused water filters are a breeding ground for bacteria and mold to grow. One the growth starts, whenever you use your water dispenser you are essentially injecting your water supply with bacteria. The second problem is when a water filter is used for too long without being replaced. Once the filter is at capacity, there is the potential for sediment that was removed months ago to be put back in the water in even higher concentrations. In both cases your water filter is really doing more harm than good, which is why it is so important to replace your water filter at least every six months.

Where to locate replacement Puriclean II water filters:

With more and more companies building online storefronts it has become much easier to find replacement water filters than in the past. Many manufacturers even have websites that allow you to purchase original replacement filters direct, but there are cheaper ways to replace your refrigerators water filter that are just as good. One of the best places to find replacement Amana and Maytag water filters like the puriclean II wf50 is The are reputable, safe, secure and in many cases offer free shipping. However if you'd rather see the filter in person, the best way to get a replacement is to visit the store where you bought the refrigerator. Even if they do not have the replacement filters themselves, they will most likely tell you where you can find it locally.

How to change your Amana water filter:

On most Amana refrigerators the filter is located on the bottom front face grill. You can remove the old filter by either twisting the knob counter-clockwise, or pushing a release button next to the filter depending on the model of refrigerator.

Then replace the filter the same way you removed it, by either turning clockwise, or pressing firmly into place. Finally, remove the air from lines by holding a cup under the dispenser until water comes out.

How to change your Maytag water filter:

Press the eject button located on the bottom grille below your refrigerator door. Twist the cap off of the old filter and save it for use with the new filter. Turn the cap clockwise onto the new water filter until it snaps into place. Push the new filter into place until the "eject" button pops back out.