Puriclean Water Filter

What is a puriclean water filter?

Puriclean water filters are one of the best parts of buying one of the newer Maytag side by side refrigerators. It is so easy to get fresh drinking water with the push of a button. Simply place the cup under the dispenser and you get not only fresh cold water, but also water you know has been purified for your safety. However, one thing most people forget is that Maytag water filters like the Puriclean ufk7003axx are not permanently installed. If you want to keep drinking safe water everyday you must replace your water filter regularly.

How the Maytag water filter in your refrigerator works:

Since your puriclean water filter produces something that you consume everyday, there are certain specifications that are regulated at the federal level for every water filter. All water filters that are NSF-certified will filter your water down to particular specifications that they believe satisfy the requirements for safe drinking water. Essentially, for a filter to be NSF-certified it must remove particles larger than 1 micron (which leaves only sub-micron particles). Additionally it must remove contaminates like chlorine to levels below 10%.

The benefits of a puriclean water filter:

Finding a certified replacement puriclean filter for your Maytag refrigerator is not difficult. They can often be purchased from the store you originally bought your refrigerator from, or you can find great deals on replacements on sites like Amazon.com. Once you replace your water filter you immediately gain several benefits other than peace of mind. A good water filter will not only remove particles and chemicals, but will also remove the odor, and improve the taste of your water supply. You may notice that when you drink water from your Maytag refrigerator that it has less of a chlorine, or "metallic" taste than your regular tap water. Proper water filters like the Puriclean ufk7003axx filter out contaminates you never thought your public utility could miss. Harmful contaminates like lead, mercury and asbestos aren't common, but are not unheard of being found in peoples drinking water, especially if you get your water from a well.

When you should replace your Maytag water filter:

There are a number of ways to tell it's time to change your Puriclean water filter. The first indication on many new refrigerators is a warning indicator on the door of the refrigerator itself. If you see this warning light, change your water filter immediately as your water supply could be suffering. Other ways to judge the performance of your water filter is by the flow of water out of the nozzle. If you have noticed it takes longer than usual to fill up your cup with water more than likely you are overdue for a new puriclean water filter. Finally, let your taste buds decide; if you notice that your water seems less fresh than it once was, you may be too late. Changing your Maytag water filter is easy and inexpensive.

Maytag Puriclean II Water Filter (37806)

Bonus Tip: When ordering your replacement filter, make sure to order 2 or 3 at one time. That way next time you will be prepared for the warning signs.