Crafts for Purim 2019 Are Fun to Make

*Updated February 2019

The Jewish holiday of Purim is a festive one, and there are many Purim crafts for kids that you can do at home with your children or with your Hebrew School or preschool students.

The holiday of Purim falls on the 14th of Adar on the Jewish calendar. On the Gregorian calendar, Purim falls anywhere from late February to mid-March. Making Purim crafts is a fun way to celebrate the holiday while revisiting the story of how Queen Esther saved the Jewish people from the wicked Haman.

Purim Crafts for Kids 2019

Images from Pixabay and Canva and altered by the author in Canva

Here are some Purim craft ideas that you can do with basic materials. As with any craft, you can adapt it to the age of the children with whom you are working. It is also a good idea to have the craft already made so the children can see the finished product. Doing this also permits you to see the easiest way to do the project and foresee any complications before you do it with twenty kids.

Purim Craft for Kids #1 Mask


Mask templates for Queen Esther, Haman, Mordechai and King Ahashverosh

Crayons, markers paint



Popsicle sticks

Embellishments such as rhinestones, sequins and feathers 

Available on Amazon

There are many kinds of masks that you can make for a Purim craft. The simplest way to make them is to use a template like these. Run them off on cardstock so they are more sturdy. The children can color the mask of their choice in with crayons or markers. If you have older children, they can even paint the masks. It is best if you cut the eyes out before gluing anything on, as well as the entire mask. Younger children may need help with this step. To make it easier, you may want to cut the eyes out for them ahead of time.

To make this Purim craft for kids really sparkle, you can add glitter glue, rhinestones or even feathers on the crowns. By giving the children different kinds of materials to use, they can each make their own unique Purim mask, even though they are using the same template. Glue one or two craft Popsicle sticks on so the children can hold them.

Purim Craft for Kids #2 A Half Mask


Easy Purim Craft Make a Half MaskCredit: S&S Worldwide

Available on S&S Worldwide

For this Purim mask craft, instead of using a whole mask that covers the face, have your students use a half-mask like the one above. They can decorate it the same way as the full mask. This set comes with 24 ready to decorate masks. Add your own items so each one is unique.

Make Groggers for Noisy Fun


Empty paper towel tubes, toilet paper tubes, an empty Pringles can, or an small empty individual sized cereal box

Masking tape, Duck tape or Scotch tape


Construction paper

Crayons or markers


Food to insert inside-rice, cereal, dried beans

During the reading of the Purim story, any time the wicked Haman’s name is said, the congregation has to drown out his name by shaking their groggers (they are similar to noisemakers on New Year Eve). Children can make homemade groggers as a Purim craft. 

The Basic Directions

1. Measure out and cut construction paper to fit the type of tube you are making. There should extra on the ends so they fold in to be taped so the dried food does not come out when shaken.

2. Have the children decorate the construction paper with markers, crayons, and stickers. Make sure the children’s name is somewhere on the outside.

Credit: S&S Worldwide

Roll of 100 Prismatic Jewish Star Stickers Available on Amazon

3. When dry, either you and the children, or the children themselves if they are older, t ape or glue the decorated construction paper to the tube. Cover the bottom hole.

4. Fill the tube with the dry food you have bought for this Purim craft. Have the kids pour it in and help you seal the top.

5. If you want to make this craft extra fancy, run off small versions of the Purim masks for the kids to color and cut out. Glue to the top of the grogger.

Make Mishloach Manot Baskets

Make a Purim Gift Box CraftCredit:

It is traditional of the Jewish holiday of Purim to give gift baskets of food to friends, family, and neighbors. You can have the children make baskets and fill them.


Empty shoe box (no lid needed)

Construction paper in light colors

Markers, crayons

Jewish stickers, rhinestones, glitter, foam shapes

Tissue paper in assorted colors

Letter requesting bagged snacks from each child in the class

Depending on how much time you have and how old your students are, you may want to have them bring in the shoebox already covered in construction paper.

Have the children decorate the outside of the construction papered shoebox any way they please. Give it time to dry. Place nicely crumpled tissue paper inside the box as a liner. Have t he children pass out the bagged snacks they brought in and place them nicely in the box. They can give this kid-created Purim basket craft to their parents as a gift.

Purim Craft for Kids #5 3-D Purim Cards

This craft will be sure to delight the recipient when he or she gets it in the mail.


Light colored construction paper

Brown or beige tissue paper

Red tissue paper


Markers or crayons

Hamantaschen templates to trace, slightly smaller than the construction paper folded in half (you can make these out of cardboard or an old cereal box)

Have each child select two pieces of paper, one for the card and one for the hamantaschen. Have them trace the hamantaschen and cut it out. Have the children crumple the red tissue paper and glue it in the center for the “filling” in a triangular form. Then they crumple up and glue brown tissue paper around the rest of the Hamantaschen shape.

As these dry, children can make their cards. If they need help with spelling, write a list of things on the board that they can write. Make sure there is nothing written on the front of the card.

Once the hamantaschen is dry, glue it to the front of the card. Now it pops out at you 3-D style!

Making any of these Purim crafts for kids will liven up the very festive Jewish holiday.