There are many different Purim gift baskets with themes for mishloach manot that will be a hit with any age group.  It is traditional for Jews to give baskets with at least two different foods and gifts inside to family, friends and neighbors as part of the Purim celebration.  While it is wonderful to receive Purim gift baskets, it is even more fun to create them yourself or with your children.

When creating a mishloach manot basket, always be mindful of people dietary restrictions.  Make sure all items are kosher to those who observe the Jewish dietary laws, and make sure you are not giving foods that contain any potential allergens to those with food issues.

You should also put in a card to send Purim greetings from your family and from you.
Purim Baskets Themes for Mishloach ManotCredit: Gift Basket for Baseball Fans
In a Purim gift basket for baseball fans, you can use a baseball cap as the actual basket.   Fill it with snack foods to watch the game, like peanuts, popcorn and Cracker Jax.  Add a baseball to complete the theme.

For football fans, use a football helmet and add a mini football.
Purim Gift Basket for Artists
In this mishloach manot basket, include colorful candy such as Starbusrts, M&ms  and Skittles. Add some crayons, a watercolor set and some small pads of paper to complete this Purim gift.  You can make a basket out of a smock and tie all of the items together with ribbon.
Purim Gift Baskets for Coffee Lovers
For the vessel of this mishloach manot basket, use a large, empty coffee can.  Fill it with K-cups, a brick of coffee, cappuccino mix, chocolate covered coffee beans, and some delicious Hamantaschen, mandel bread or biscotti.  Chocolate spoons and a few sugar packets complete this basket.
Purim Gift Baskets for Chocolate Lovers
It is easy to find chocolate to fill this Purim basket!  Pick any kind and fill a basket.  You can  stick with one brand or choose a variety of different chocolate items.  Other items to include are chocolate covered pretzels, chocolate covered donuts, chocolate covered cherries, anything covered in chocolate!

Purim Gift Baskets for Gardeners 

Many gardeners think about planting in the late winter, and since Purim typically falls around this time, you should be able to find many suitable fillers.  You can use a terracotta or plastic pot to hold the goodies, and include a few seed packets, gardening gloves and a trowel.  For food, put in veggie chips, popcorn kernels, Snack Peas, and some dried fruit.

Purim Gift Baskets Theme-Pick a Color

Selecting a single color as you basket theme for Purim will make your life easier.  You can buy containers at the Dollar Store to match your theme and pick up a few items that match the color you have chosen.   You can fill the container with healthy or junk food, or a mix of both!

Here are some ideas…

Red-Look for post Valentine Day sales for red M&Ms and Hershey Kisses wrapped in red foil. Other fun foods are Swedish Fish, red licorice, red lollipops, Hot Tamales, and candy bars or gum that come in a red package.

Green-Look for any Saint Patrick’s Day Hershey Kisses in green foil, Andes Mints, green swirled peppermint, Sour Apple Laffy Taffy, Mike & Ike

Yellow-Lemon Heads, Banana Laffy Taffy, Peeps, Zours Candy, lollipops, gummy bears, banana chips

Israeli Purim Baskets

What better what to say “Chag sameach” than with a Purim gift basket filled with mishloach manot from Israel.  Many supermarkets have Israeli food in the International aisle of the store.  You can buy candy, chips, rice cakes, chocolate spread-anything from Israel.  You can download Israeli flag icons from your computer to make flags with a Popsicle stick.

Healthy Purim Baskets

If you want to give a mishloach manot basket that does not have any junk food in it, then create one with healthy items.  Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s have plenty of natural and organic products to put in the basket.  Whole Foods even has small grocery bags that you could use as your basket.

Pamper Me Purim Baskets

For the person in our life who needs to relax and take time for herself, giving a mishloach manot basket filled with personal goodies would be more than welcome.  Include a face mask, skin lotion, a magazine, a scented candle, chocolate and some Hamantaschen.

Purim Basket for Tea Lovers

For the tea aficionado on your Purim list, you can use a tea pot to place your goodies.  Put in different flavors of tea, tea biscuits, scones, a pretty tea cup and some honey.

Tropical Theme Purim Baskets

When you live in a cold climate during Purim, you are tired of winter and dreaming of a tropical escape.  Now you have a bit of the tropics in a mishloach manot basket.  Items for this basket can be a bag of shredded coconut, canned pineapple, canned tropical fruit mix, and pina colada drink mix.  Add a lei or plastic flowers to decorate.

New York Style Purim Baskets

Nothing says New York like bagels and cream cheese!  Add some apples for “The Big Apple”, and York Peppermint Patties.

Chinese Purim Basket

You can buy Chinese take-out containers and fill them with noodles, fortune cookies, and Rice Krispie Treats.  Add a pair of chopsticks and a fan.  If you are creative, you can write Chinese characters on the box or download some and glue them to the container.

Italian Themed Purim Basket

If you think far enough in advance, you can snag some red and green items during the after Christmas sales.  For this basket, put in some pasta, sauce, Hamantaschen and grape juice for the wine.  Add a white linen napkin to the red and green and it will not look Christmasy.

Movie Night Purim Basket

For this mishloach manot basket, buy popcorn containers.  Fill it with a bag of microwave popcorn, fun size packages of candy, and a juice box. 

Purim gift baskets with themes for mishloach manot are fun to make a wonderful tradition to look forward to every year.