With images of adultery and sexual activities plastered far and wide, it can be really tricky for teens and young adults to keep their eyes on the reward - a life of chastity until you're married. Purity rings can help both guys and girls remember what they are waiting for.

I Will Wait for My Beloved Purity Ring
Purity Rings - A Representation of True Love

Purity rings have become very in style with Christians. But you don't have to be Christian to make the promise to wait to have sex until you are hitched.

With all of the peer pressure of having intercourse before you're married - and it keeps getting harder and harder - it is so significant for Jr. High, High School, and College students to know that they have a decision to make - a promise to God and themselves to stay chaste until you're married. Many youth groups often set aside a whole month going over the importance and benefits of staying wholesome; encouraging the youth to take on this challenge & that it is possible - even in today's way of life. Parents can get involved too. Share with your teens the choices that they have and you can support them by giving them a purity ring as a present.

Having a purity ring does not keep the temptation away. But it does act as a convenient way to remember that you want to abstain and wait until marriage. It can also be a great conversation starter to tell other people about your promise and ultimately how being a Christian makes changes the way you go through life. You can wear purity rings on the left hand on the ring finger, symbolizing your vow to purity until it is exchanged with a wedding ring. You can also wear it on your right hand or as a pendant on a necklace chain.

A Fashionable Way to remember

There are so lots of distinctive styles available:

True Love Waits Ring

1. True Love Waits - These rings came about from Southern Baptists in 1933. Josh McDowel has helped inform people about this concept and released a book about it. They have the words on them "True Love Waits".

2. Hearts - These look great on rings and remind you that you are keeping your heart wholesome for your future husband / wife.

3. Hebrew Rings - The Hebrew language looks remarkable engraved on a ring. Some illustrations of what the ring could have as engraving are "I Will Wait for my Beloved".

4. Spinner rings - These come in more styles for the young men and have become very in style. The ring stays on your finger and has an overlay that spins.

There are numerous other purity rings on the market to choose from. You will be sure to find one that suites your style or that would make a great gift to a friend or family member. Don't be scared to show your purity and share with your significant others about your choices.