If you've been out to a nightclub lately, no doubt that you saw lots of people wearing color contacts. They are, in fact, and becoming more and more popular over the past couple of years. This trend began in the early 1990s with the boon of the "club kids" nightclub scene. These clubs featured techno music that was mostly from Europe called house music. The costumes that these club kids wore were quite elaborate. They changed the way that they looked completely. As a matter of fact, when people saw them on the streets without their costumes on, they did not know who they were. One of the ways that they made their looks more extreme was by using color contacts.

Of course, we're not talking about regular color contacts. These are very much the novelty kind of color contacts. The novelty contacts really grew as a trend due to their growing popularity in Japan. Japan landed itself this kind of look from the extravaganza of the rock bands. In Japan, it is very important to put on a real visual show. This, of course, is also true within the music scene. Of course, fans soon picked up these trends for themselves. In America, they became very popular with the goth scene first. They soon moved into other nightclub scenes and are used for a variety of costuming purposes or on their own.

One color that seems to be in every scene is purple. Oddly enough, purple has become an extremely versatile color for people who want to get started with wearing these kinds of contacts. After all, the color is very similar to blue. They stand out, but they don't look totally insane. So if you want to try something totally different but still stay within some boundaries, try purple contacts. Purple is also starting to become interchangeable with black and red in the goth scene. In many people's minds, purple is associated with black. Therefore, it is a natural choice for anyone who is wearing dark colored costumes or nightclub clothing.

Some people are trying to go for a look that stands out but is a little bit more feminine. For this reason, they usually focus on wearing pink contact lenses. When used with other kinds of clothing, pink can give you the angel look. If you have a great pair of puffy wings or another kind of outfit that is particularly feminine, color contacts can be a great final touch. They also have some crossover uses. For example, pink is the color of breast cancer awareness. If you go out to events or run marathons for this kind of advocacy, you can wear your color contacts then as well. Just be aware that you need to wear them a few times around the house before you wear them out. If you've never worn contacts, they can cause some minor irritation until you get used to them.