Purple earrings are for the woman who is passionate about purple.

Whether drop or dangling earrings, chandeliers, or simple studs, if the earrings are purple, they will convey all the mystery and passion of this rich and captivating color. There is no doubt about it: purple is an alluring color, and purple earrings - no matter what kind - are alluring, as well.

Purple earrings that are made of genuine gemstones are, of course, particularly special. Amethyst is the most available and popular purple gemstone. Amethyst is the highest quality form of quartz. In fact, a quartz is not really amethyst unless it is purple. The purple can be different shades and hues, such as deep purple, light lilac, lavender, or mauve (pale violet). These are all beautiful colors; each one has its own particular appeal. However, the highest quality amethyst is a certain deep medium purple that gives off flashes of rose. It is truly captivating; almost hypnotic.

When you wear purple amethyst earrings, you not only make a fashion statement, but you also make a statement about your own passionate spirit. The color purple is a combination of red and blue. The energy of red is dynamic and very active, and can even be seductive. Blue, on the other hand, is a more passive color that is soothing and sensitive. Putting these two colors together results in deep, mysterious purple from which flow creativity, adventure, and drama.

Purple is not a color that is easily found in nature - a fact that makes it even more intriguing. Kings and queens, emperors and empresses have favored purple because of the power and majesty it conveys. Purple also carries a strong sense of individuality. For this reason, purple has been favored by artists, as well.

Amethyst has its own rich history. The ancient Greeks and Romans valued amethyst highly. They believed that an amethyst amulet would protect them in battle (perhaps it did). They also believed that amethyst had the power to prevent drunkenness. For this reason, they would create luxurious drinking goblets out of amethyst. (I have a feeling that this use of amethyst did not really work!)

How much better to use this dazzling purple gemstone for the favorite item of jewelry for many women - earrings...purple earrings!

You will also find enchanting earrings made of purple crystals, glass, and beads. Many of these will be of an outstanding artisan quality. The possibilities of design are limitless.

If you are possessed by a purple passion, you will delight in discovering the purple earrings just right for you!