Purple Hair Dye comes in two basic forms: Permanent purple hair dye and semi-permanent purple hair dye, and the one that's best for you is dependent on your individual situation. Semi permanent washes out over the course of several shampoos, while permanent will likely stay in your hair until it grows out (or until you use another hair treatment option to get rid of it).

Purple hair dye has become extremely popular amongst a wide range of individuals. Years ago, only punk rockers and elderly women intentionally dyed their hair purple - but times have certainly changed since then. Now it's not uncommon for men and women of nearly every age and social circle to put some purple hair dye in their hair. Women love it because the high-fashion society has embraced vibrant hair streaks, and you frequently see fashion models sporting purple highlights. Men love it because a purple head of hair - or even just highlights - support the "bad boy rockstar" imagine. And then there are sports fans who use purple hair dye to support their favorite sports teams, like the intense fans in the Minnesota Vikings end zones.

Semi Permanent Purple Hair Dye

Manic Panic Purple Hair DyeSemi permanent hair dye eventually washes out, usually taking a couple of weeks to vanish completely - though there are ways to prolong its lifespan by several weeks. This type of dye is very popular, as many people want the look of purple hair, but aren't sold on the idea of permanent dye.

The lighter your hair, the more vibrant your results. If your natural hair color is darker, you might want to consider bleaching the area you're planning on dying. Not only will this give you better color results, but it will also last a little bit longer. To really help the color last, try washing your hair in vinegar immediately after the dying process. Many people content that this brings out the color and helps the dye keep that color for a longer period of time.

Semi permanent purple hair dye is produced by a variety of companies, but Manic Panic is probably the most popular. It's highly unlikely that you'll find semi permanent hair dye at your average grocery or department store, but you can find it at any specialty beauty store, or save even more money by ordering online at trusted retailers like Amazon.

Permanent Purple Hair Dye

Special Effects Purple Hair DyeIf you're the type of person who isn't afraid to let their true colors show (in this case, that color would be purple!), then permanent hair dye is probably for you. Unlike semi permanent stuff, permanent purple hair dye won't eventually wash out - and if you use shampoos formulated to protect hair color, your purple locks won't even fade.

Applying permanent hair dye is similar to the semi permanent versions in that you'll get much better results on lighter hair. So if your hair is dark, you'll probably want to lighten up any hair you want to dye, either with lighting products like bleach.

Special Effects (that's the company name) makes a very popular permanent hair dye, and most people who use it swear that it keeps its vibrancy longer than other companies they've tried. Again, this isn't something you'll find at your local corner grocery store, you'll need a specialty beauty shop or, better yet, an online retailer like Amazon will save you money and time.