The color purple allows you to spice up a bland black and white kitchen. Sure, a purple kitchen isn't for everyone but it allows you to show off your personality. The secret to using a color that isn't gender neutral in the main living areas of a home is to make bold statements that everyone can appreciate. You'll also need to balance purple kitchen design with natural colors and appliances. Creating a purple kitchen can be somewhat of a financial risk because you may tire of the color quickly and it won't help you sell your house in the future. Just use creative design ideas to get the most bang for your buck and design the purple kitchen of your dreams. If you are on a budget you may only be able to afford paint instead of high end countertops and appliances. This is the perfect situation to break out the purple color and let it do the talking for you.

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Keep your color scheme in mind when registering for wedding gifts. Purple kitchen appliances can make a modern statement in a room, even if you're starting out your new life in a small apartment or condo. Let a purple mixer add style and personality to your space without making lasting remodeling decisions.

Purple kitchen accessories can make the most of your space. You may have seen a deep eggplant used in modern design, such as on a velvet sofa. Bring the same concept into your kitchen; make it contemporary instead of cutesy. Try using sleek purple roman shades on the window. Keep the rest of the room neutral with stainless steel cabinetry and appliances. Look for a wood cabinet with an orange hue to the stain to really make the purple pop and keep the rest of the room clean and contemporary. This will create a purple kitchen that everyone will be able to live with.

You can also reverse the aforementioned modern purple color palette by going with purple kitchen cabinets. For a country kitchen, try painting just the island purple. If you want a room that you can really change out then just invests in a sisal rug with a purple boarder. You can update grandma's kitchen chairs that you may not be in love with by using lavender paint. Purple is a bold color so you don't need to use a lot of it in your room to really make a statement. You can also just paint your lower cabinets purple and then do away with the upper cabinet's altogether to create the allusion of light and space. Add in stainless steel shelves where you can display blue or periwinkle china, just make sure that you can live without the extra cabinet space before you start demolition.Purple Kitchen(84248)Credit: Free Range Stock

You can create purple kitchen designs with a little paint. You may have wood cabinets, stone floors and granite countertops that you love but your room lacks personality. Bring purple into the space the way you would with any other room: paint. You can paint one accent wall in purple. You can even make a grid work so you can bring in several different purple colors and mix them with the grays and stones from your counters and flooring for a cohesive color palette. If you don't have a backsplash let the paint do the talking by just painting under the cabinets with a bold fuchsia color so no one will notice the lack of tile.

Purple kitchens can be elegant. You'll need to invest in oversized items that will make a statement to help balance out the purple. Instead of pendant lights go with oversized crystal pendants that will add sparkle to the room. This will help the purple keep from being too dark. Under cabinet lights will make any stainless steel accessories in the room shine. You may have to update your purple kitchen design in a few years because you were on the cutting edge of bold design. We often see purple in nature, so use that as a jumping off point for a more classic way of pairing colors. Pull paint colors from a red cabbage, eggplant, or the subtle fuchsia from an orchid. This will help you balance your paint color so your room doesn't look like a child cartoon or the big purple dinosaur. Keep the purple on items that you can easily change or paint out so you can move onto the next trend.

A lavender kitchen can be feminine and country which may be perfect for some lifestyles and homes. You can make the color purple metropolitan and sophisticated by pairing it with silver. Try using gray on the flooring and layering an opulent gray rug on top to delineate the eating area. Paint a kitchen table with a high gloss eggplant table and accent with silver candlesticks with lavender tapers. You can add gray velvet chairs to complete a breakfast nook that will have the feeling of a high end eatery. Use mirrors, art deco fan designed silver wallpaper, and stainless steel counters and appliances to balance the purple color in the kitchen.

If you can't decide between purple and blue, then use both. Periwinkle is part purple and part blue so no one will be able to complain about your purple kitchen. You can accent plain periwinkle cabinets with an ornate white stencil for a French look.

A purple kitchen can be subtle. We've all chosen white paint colors only to put them on the wall and find that they have a touch of blue or pink in them. Choose the lightest paint chip with just a touch of purple in it and then keep the lighting in your room low to create a moody atmosphere that is gender neutral.

A purple kitchen can be modern, country, or French. Lavender is a soothing color while eggplant is bold. Use purple to create a feminine space without spending a lot of money. You can add color as subtly as changing out the vegetables that you display on your countertop for a matching set of purple vegetables or flowers to make a neutral kitchen pop.