Shopping for purses and handbags is one of a woman's greatest loves. Wherever you find purses and handbags for sale, you'll find women snapping up the latest trends. They particularly like those pricey designer bags, which can set them back a lot of money. Having purchased a designer purse, it's a good idea to know some tips on how to care for your purse to make it worth the money they spent. If you are among these women, you really need to go through the purse care advice below on how to take care of your purse properly.

* Designer purses are not cheaply made; they are made from quality materials all the way through. Your designer purse should not be cleaned in the same way as an ordinary bag. Genuine designer purses are made from the best materials and need to be handled carefully. The worst possible thing you can do for cleaning your purse is putting it in the washing machine. Almost equally as bad though would be the use of detergent and a sponge. On the tag or label you can almost always find the proper care instructions, which are important to read. The directions given should be followed closely in order to avoid damage to the quality of your designer purse, which means you'll be enjoying it for many years.

* Due to the typically small size of purses, only compact objects should be carried around in them. It's no good trying to squeeze in your pair of beach sandals or your 600-page college textbook. Most women can fit an exorbitant amount of items into just a small handbag. However, you shouldn't try this with a costly purse. You will be able to fit in all the small necessary items like your mobile, a lipstick, a compact, and a comb, but nothing bigger.

* Don't use anything on your purse that could leave a stain or a mark. For example, your purse should not be a pen holder, because they have the potential to cause permanent ink stains. Some ink stains from the inside affect the outside part of the purse as well. This will make your designer bag look like a roadmap and your precious bag will be of no use to you.

* Always place your make-up items in a protective, sealed plastic bag if you will be using a high end purse to carry them in. As well, streaks on your purse from makeup powder can cause your purse to become unsightly.

Whether your purse is an authentic designer original or a replica designer purse, this purse care advice will keep your purse looking new years after you first buy it.