Everybody says that religion and science are two absolutely opposite concepts. Well, almost everybody, if you care to be correct about numbers. That may be true, but it is most certainly true that God and SCIENCE ARE THE SAME thing. Now, what would that mean?

Many intelligent philosophers, thinkers, Yogis have time and again reminded us that Science is just a small child in front of spirituality, but yes, the scientists are on the right path. Also, if we, as humans, follow science and its methods strictly to the deepest and finest details, we will find ourselves much closer to GOD, than we do in our daily life. Here's how-

One beautiful science calles Biology states that the human body is just a set of chemicals coexisting in a profitable state. It also states that every individual is just an organism when it is living and just a piece of deteriorating mass when dead. Thus, no person must ever feel any special emotional attachment to any living person and so must never cry when the person dies, simply because the person was an organism which could no longer continue living due to old age, disease or heavy physical damage. People define relationships on the basis of love, hate, emotional attachment to mother, father, brother, sister, dog etc. and thus deviate from the path of science. While those who follow the path of science learn a very important concept called detachment, a concept which our Vedas, spiritual gurus and every Messenger Of God points out for us to follow. Similarly the dentists say that to keep our body and teeth fit, we must gargle after eating anything, such as chewing gum or drinking wine. Detachment also includes not loving the worldly tastes more than the taste of a spiritual experience. Therefore, if we follow what our dentist says and gargle just after tasting that awesome Swiss chocolate, we won't keep it's taste in our mouth long enough to like it more than God. So aren't we a bit close to God?

Another thing is that Science is very methodical, we do experiments, record observations, test new ideas and in case someone is a famous scientist, he or she gets to keep an assistant who can continue the work after the scientist dies. Thus there is no room for anxiety, shock or jubiliation. Every expected result comes out the way it had been thought of by its master and failed experiment teaches a new experience without any frustration and dismay. Life too can be run on these rules and enjoyed the way Edison did when his invention was accepted by the world. I don't urge everyone to discover or invent something new, just be at peace with yourself, live life methodically and systematically. This way all your work shall be complete on time, you will learn something new everytime you make a mistake and failure will not be able to pull you down. Then, when you are at your deathbed, you will realize that nothing was left undone by you, your life was perfect, all according to set scientific standards and your children are capable and intelligent, uncorrupted by worldly desires and very human at heart and mature in mind. Your work will be accepted by all and accolades showered on you for being a good human being by all standards. When you will see this, your mind will be at peace and your lungs will be clean without a single puff of cigarette smoke clung to them. Your body will die naturally with no struggle and everyone will be happy that you are leaving them for a more eventful, beautiful journey, a journey that everyone wants to undertake, well, nearly everyone, if you care to be correct about numbers.

Methods are many, and discovering how to pursue God by using the methods and morals of Science all by oneself is a satisfying undertaking. Hopefully, a small part of your mind will be agreeing with the above ideas.