Push button switch plates are uncommon but not hard to find. Push button light switches give a vintage look to a room. You don't have to replace these old fashioned switches just give them a beautiful frame. The range of materials that they are made of and the choice of possible styles are almost infinite. Ceramic, plastic, wood, and metal switch plate covers are all fairly cheap and easy to find.

The covers for switches and electrical outlets are important both for decorative reasons and safety reasons. These covers hide the ugly hole in the wall, keep curious fingers from playing with the wires, and brighten up a large boring expanse of wall. They are easy to replace and install for both decorating purposes and if you want to paint the wall.

The only tool that is needed to install a switch plate or outlet cover is a flat headed screwdriver. If you don't have a screwdriver in your home, DIY switch plate replacement might not be for you. Simply remove any screws on the plate, remove the plate from the wall, and attach the new plate to where the old plate was located. The screw holes should match up just fine unless you've picked up some oversized outlet covers or are increasing the number of switches and/or outlets being used in the spot.

If you have push button switches instead of toggle or rocking switches it can be a good time to use antique switch plates. Victorian switch plates made of highly decorated metal or western switch plates in distressed metal or wood can accent the old-fashioned appearance of these switches.

If you are going with the Victorian look oil rubbed bronze switch plates or brushed nickel switch plates can be found with a lot of scroll work on the edges to match the period. These can be found to match fancy metal and glass chandeliers or the delicate furniture of the period.

The western look also works well with push button switches. This is a good style for wood switch plate covers and other antique switch plate looking metals. Distressed switch plates with barbed wire, horses, or stars will match most western themed rooms. The darker woods do extremely well with western or rustic looks. Check into the oak switch plates for a dark and rich decorative plate.

The only problem with investing in decorative switch plates is that there are also outlets to deal with. It's actually not that big of a problem because it is easy to find matching outlet covers at whatever place you purchased the push button covers. Both brick and mortar stores and online retailers carry matching pieces so you can keep the theme going through all the light switch plate covers and outlets.

Unless you're going with something extremely fancy most switch plates are pretty inexpensive. It's actually one of the cheaper ways to update and freshen up a dated room. It is always possible to make a decorative adventure more expensive than it needs to be but you've gotta work pretty hard to find very expensive covers for switches and outlets.