Staying Fit and Keeping Your Muscles Lean Part 1: Push Ups – 5 Helpful Steps

Before any exercise you should always take 5 to 10 minutes to stretch your entire body.

Once all your muscles are fully stretched and are relaxed you then can carry you’re your push up work out routine.  Please conduct 3 sets of 10 reps as per following:

1. Put your palms flat on the ground and extend/widen your hands a little bit (3 to 5 inches) of your shoulder level. Your feet should be slightly apart from one another (1 foot apart) and/or you may also have your feet together at your choice. This really makes no difference but some people prefer to have their feet placed together when doing push ups. 

2. Look straight and keep your body straight as if you were standing – you will feel that your torso will be tightening its muscles when you will be in such a position. If you will not feel your torso muscles tightening then you are your body is not positioned straight so make sure your body is straight prior to moving onto the next step. Also bend your elbows in your arms slightly.

3. When you will push your body down (to the floor), do it slowly by counting to 5 and when you will be lifting your body up you need to as well count to 5. You may also place a watch in front of you so that you can see and count to 5 seconds by pushing your body down and by lifting your body up.

4. Breath in when you push your body down and breath out when you are lifting your body up. Exhale all the way as you are pushing and lifting your body. Do not breathe and/or exhale in fast speed. This process should be conducted within the speed of your push up movement meaning that it is to take place during the full movement of your pushing and lifting of the body. Breathing is important as it will control your strength so do not hold your breath at any time. 

5. You should touch the floor with your chest but this should be a touch only so you cannot lay your chest flat on the floor as it will ruin the results you want to gain. Please be advised that you may also place a pillow and/or towel below your chest so when you press down you will touch it with your chest to avoid hitting the floor or laying flat on the floor.

After each set of 10 reps stretch your body (mainly your chest). If you will find yourself thirsty you can have some water (at your choice you can squeeze some lemon to give it a little bit of taste) between your sets.

During this exercise you should take a one to two minute break before you move onto your next set.   

If at anytime during your exercise you will find yourself tired and your form will start to loose control you can do the following: place your knees together on the floor in a 45 degree angle (your feet then will be in the air) and finish the set to the best of your endurance and/or stop the work out, take a two to three minute break and go back to the same routine and if you are tired to the point that you cannot continue, stop the work out and leave it for next time.

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