Push up swimwear for juniors is the latest fashion craze by the pool and at the beach. A push up swimsuit allows juniors to wear a revealing bathing suit with confidence. These suits are designed to give a modest lift while also offering support. It’s a great way to naturally enhance a silhouette to make all of the latest styles more attractive.

Swimwear for Juniors

Not so many decades ago, juniors did not have many swimwear options. Suits were designed with either children or adults in mind, and teens were largely lost in the shuffle. Accordingly, teen girls either wore suits that made them look much older or younger than their age.

That trend began to change, as teens became an increasingly viable market segment. Designers of swimsuits and other clothing began marketing exclusively to juniors, which caused the development of swimwear for juniors.

These updated style allowed teens to retain more modesty than was available with some adult suits while still exhibiting the fact that they were no longer children. It began to be easier to find swimwear that featured bolder colors and edgier patterns than were available in adult suits. Additionally, the bust enhancing bodice was introduced to the teen market.

Why Choose a Push Up Suit?

Women around the world have used bras to enhance their silhouette for many decades. These undergarments provide comfort and support while improving the appearance of the bust. Without surgery or other invasive and costly procedures, women can use such garments to make their bust size appear larger than it is.

The concept behind push up swimwear is similar, but a newer development. Where many swimsuits are designed with functionality as the focus, these specialty suits actually serve a dual purpose. Many of them are styled to admit vigorous physical activity, like swimming and beach volleyball, while also making a singular style statement. They allow young girls to be active, yet still indulge in the latest fashions.

Confidence for Teen Girls

The teenage years represent an arduous journey for many girls. Many of them worry that their physical development is behind that of their peers, and this belief can lead them to be prohibitively shy about their appearance. This self-consciousness may manifest itself in a reluctance to attend pool parties and other functions where swimsuits are traditionally worn. They may decline to participate in sports or other activities at the beach in order to avoid drawing notice to a figure that they believe will attract ridicule from their peers.

It’s no secret that people feel a burst of self-confidence when they know they are looking their best. This is especially true for junior girls who have a tendency to be overly preoccupied with external appearances. A swimsuit with a bust enhancing bodice might be just what a teen girl needs to achieve that necessary spark of self-confidence that will allow her to participate in a beach volleyball game or make an appearance at the neighborhood pool party.

Different Styles of Push Up Swimwear

On the Internet and in stores, it’s possible to find a wide variety of figure enhancing swimsuits for teens. Junior swimsuits are available in one piece, bikini, tankini and monokini styles.

One piece swimsuits are generally considered to be the most modest styles. In addition, these suits are also frequently the best for active girls who plan to do a lot of swimming or plan to participate in numerous sports. Nonetheless, these suits are still designed with fashion in mind. Both tank and halter style suits may have the components necessary to increase the appearance of bust size. Additionally, some of the newest one shoulder designs also feature bust enhancing abilities.

Bikinis have been popular for many decades now, and they offer a chance to show off a little more skin than a one piece design. While a bikini is not necessarily the best choice for active girls, it is certainly a fashionable one. Styles with bust enhancement are widely available in bikini tops. Some feature padding while others have underwire support. Some styles alternatively have a soft, shaped cup that provides definition and lift. Bikini styles come in the popular triangle shape and in the supportive halter version. Even the tiny string bikini design can be purchased as a figure enhancing version.

A newer style is the tankini, an innovative hybrid of the one piece and the bikini. A tank style bodice provides extra coverage for modest juniors and also gives plenty of support for active days at the beach. Nonetheless, girls who chose this style will always look fresh and fashionable.

A very modern addition to swimsuit styles is the monokini. This suit reveals the skin much like a bikini, but features fabric that meets on each side of the torso that binds the top and bottom portion together. Once again, these suits are available in a push up variety, giving girls the confidence they need.

How Bust Enhancement Is Achieved with Swimsuits

Some of this supportive style of swimwear features padding. In some cases, these pads are removable from the cups to provide flexibility for the wearer. With these styles, girls can have enhancement on some days while going without on others. Other styles have underwire. These cups are particularly supportive, and can be remarkably useful for active girls. Some juniors find these underwire styles uncomfortable, so it’s important to try on several different suits before finding the perfect one. A truly comfortable version of the bust enhancing suit is the type that features a soft, shaped cup. These offer great definition, but not necessarily as much support as the underwire.

Choosing a Swimsuit

Push up swimwear for juniors can be purchased online or in stores. Purchasing online can be tricky since suits cannot be tried on before purchasing. However, many online retailers offer generous return policies that will allow girls to experiment with different styles without spending a fortune on shipping charges. For girls who are shopping in stores, it’s a great idea to make many suits into the changing room. Sometimes a suit that looks great on the hanger may not look so good on the wearer while other suits can be a pleasant surprise in the dressing room. Try on many in order to find the one that offers the most flattering fit.