Put your Control Freak Boss Back in the Office!

A control freak boss can be recognized by some other titles: Micro Manager, Driver, Controller, Slave Driver. These types of managers have been around forever and you can learn a lot from them, if they don't drive you insane first.

In this day and age, jobs are not as easy to come by and you might want to rethink your intial thought of quitting your job. Quitting nowadays is a last resort.

1. Realize that this over controlling attitude is aimed at almost everyone, not just you. Controllers are goal driven and have expectations that match their lofty visions. A controlling boss often has problems with delegating out tasks. Fear of failing in their job, makes them want to hold onto the reins tightly. There may be a good reason to feel fear, today jobs are hard to come by and they feel like their job will be axed for any failure. If they own the company the ability to stay solvent rests with them and their decisions.

2. Record or keep a journal of the attitudes and actions of your boss. Note the projects where control seems to be a major issue. Note your actions to make sure you are not fueling the fire of discontent with your work. Choose a few controlling actions, done by boss, that drive you nuts. Make a plan to proactively deal with the negative actions.

3. If you choose to follow your friends advice and talk to your boss about the situation, realize that it seldom goes well. Make sure to steer away from personal criticism. Be specific about actions and focus on how you work most efficiently. Give solutions instead of problems to your boss. Give a solution to any problem or need you have.

For example: "I work best uninterrupted in mornings , as that is my prime time to get things done time." "So I will come in 1 hour early and keep door closed until I have finished that mornings task."

4. If you cannot talk to your boss, or deal with the situation with changing your viewpoint then try communicating in a different way. Learn to Communicate and show you have things in control

5: Use a calendar and email. Show your controlling box the calendar you have set up Learning to use a Chart such as Pert Chart can help with visualizing steps for your boss and coworkers. Email the calendar and plans that you have implemented. Ask for return emails with the bosses observations and input. You can also use voicemail to your advantage.

6. Make sure you get credit for what you have done. When you have accomplished something make sure it is seen by email preferably so that it is documented.

7. Now that you have made yourself indispensable ask for a review and written evaluation to keep in your records. After all the next project may be looking for a new job after all.