America is a fat nation. If you're reading this article and live in America, you are probably FAT. Huge. Thunder thighs.  It's not your fault, not entirely. The entire American culture does nothing but encourage gluttony, over consumption, mindless monotonous munching.  From the plethora of prepackaged foods, to the overly priced healthy options, you're being encouraged CONSTANTLY to forsake a healthy lifestyle.  The gratuitous food porn that we now call "commercials" just begs you, EAT ME!  

If you're satisfied with your body style/type/weight, this article isn't for you.  This is an article on how you can start taking simple steps to lose the weight that has so grown on you.  This is an article about using COMMON SENSE to improve and extend your life.  It's not hard.  Nothing contained here should be out of your reach.

Step one- Eat less food! Don't starve yourself.  Don't ever do that.  Your body depends on food for energy, and not eating enough can cause dangerous conditions.  But use portion control,  and for the love of god, stop eating when you're not hungry.  Even small cutbacks in consumption can lead to losing big time weight.

Step two- WATCH WHAT YOU EAT!  Common sense.  Does your body want you to stuff it with Doritos and Pizza?  Probably not.  Theres nothing wrong with eating either one from time to time.  But if that is your exclusive diet, YOU WILL GET FAT AND YOU WILL DIE.  Common sense.  Eat fresh fruits and vegetables.  Nuts.  Yogurt.  Lean protein (fish and poultry).  A sensible diet will provide your body with the nutrients and energy that it needs in the form that it's designed to ingest them.

Step three-  Prepare your own food.  This will allow you to control what you're eating, how much of it you're eating, and when you're eating.  It may take a little bit of extra time, but the rewards are great.  Plus, experimenting in the kitchen can be fun.

Step four-   Increase your exercise.  If you lead a largely sedentary lifestyle (like most Americans), you don't operate your body anywhere near enough.  Start simple.  Take a walk.  Do it every day.  Or even every other day.  If you're not used to it, start with a 10 minute walk.  Extend it to 20 minutes over time.  Then 45 minutes.  Slowly get your body used to operating the way that it was designed to operate.  Then you can worry about exercising with weights or whatever.  Worry about that after the weight has started coming off.  

I know.  This all sounds so simple.  Then why aren't you doing it already?  Stop being so lazy!  Stand up from your desk.  Stretch.  Go walk around the block, and then you can come back.  I promise, the internet will still be here when you get back.  And if you do this every day, the health benefits will be endless.