I've waited a long time for this opportunity. I've spent many countless hours of practice, day after day. I have the drills locked inside my head. One day I will be ready. I will know just what to do. No matter what comes my way, I will react. They say, "Perfection takes a long time", but I feel like I'm already there. When my name is called, I will answer the call. Wow, the day is here, when I get to step out on that stage and put to use all my years of practice. I'm so nervous; will I remember everything? Are will I freeze up and choke? The time is set on the clock. I've got a set among of time to do what I need to do. There are so many people everywhere. Are they watching me? As I look down the bench, there are others; just like me. I wonder what's going through their minds. Some seem just as nervous as me. But others have that bold look of confidence. The 1st period begins, as I sit on the bench, and wait for my turn. It's off to a great start. The crowd is really into it. They love to see the action unfold. As the 1st period ends, we seem to be behind. The coach starts to yell," Is this what you'll came to do? The 2nd period begins, and the action continues to rise. The coach puts Tommy in the game. He's the best player I know. He's good at everything. He always gets it right. As he starts to shine; the crowd goes crazy. I would love to get that type of reaction from the crowd, as I marvel them with the skills I've perfected. I'm getting anxious, so I yell out, Coach; put me in the game. He replies, 'No, it's too early'. The 2nd period ends, and we're ahead now, thanks to Tommy. The coach gives Tommy a high five and says, "Great job". Now the 3rd period begins and we have a slight lead. I look at the Coach again and say; 'Coach put me in the game'. He does not pay me any attention. I guess that's just how it goes. When you think you're ready, sometimes you're held back. I say to myself, be patient; your time will come. The 3rd period ends and the game is tied up. I know I'm just as good as the other players. What do they have that I don't have? When will I get my chance to shine? The 4th period begins and the action goes back and forth. They take the lead, and then we take the lead. I watch the time tick away on the clock and I think I've let opportunity pass me by. But just when I've almost given up; the Coach calls me in the game. The score is tied up and there is only a few seconds on the clock. My heart starts to beat faster and my breathing becomes heavier. As the final seconds tick down; I get my chance to make a difference. Everything seems to be in slow motion. The moment I've waited for is here. Ha ray!!! I make the shot. All my dreams have come true in these final seconds. What is this game we play you ask? This game is called; LIFE.