Finally, affordable hair extensions that look great! Put On Pieces Hair Extensions, the brand that makes the Dancing With The Stars hair extensions are helping the revolution that is making synthetic hair extensions that actually look like the real thing!

Pop on, clip on or slide in – those are the fixing options of the Put On Pieces hair extensions – to turn any look from frumpy to fabulous!

Although the Put On Pieces hair extensions are mostly synthetic, they can all be styled, curled and treated as normal human hair, giving you the flexibility to change to look of your hair extensions as often as you choose!

The Put On Pieces Hair Extensions Range:

  • Dancing With the Stars Collection
  • Freestyle Collection
  • Human Hair Extensions
  • Mini Clips
  • Put on Ponys
  • Put on Wraps
  • Vibralite Synthetic Extensions

Put On Pieces Dancing With The Stars Hair ExtensionPut On Pieces Dancing With The Stars Collection:

The Put On Pieces DWTS collection features many of the looks the dancers wear on the TV show. There are a selection of Put On Ponys, Put On Bangs, Put on Highlights and extension pieces. All are available in 12 different shades.

Put On Pieces Freestyle Collection:

These include a clip in colour weft, available in 11 regular colors and 5 fantasy shades – ideal for adding bright color flashes to your look. Also in the range is 'The StyleMaker' - Put On Pieces' hair add on, that wraps around your own hair to add volume to a pony, or clipped around a bun. Available in 15 shades.

Put On Pieces Human Hair Extension Put On Pieces Human Hair Extensions:

These real hair extensions are available as the clip in color weft (as above), in regular and fantasy shades, as well as 2pc or 10pc extension packs. The Put On Pieces Human Hair Extension Packs come in 9 colorways, but can also be colored or cut to suit your hair exactly. As always, human hair extensions are the most expensive to buy, but are also the most natural looking and last the longest.

Put On Pieces Mini Clips:

The Put On Pieces Mini Clips are a set of small, clip in hair streams. Available in curly or straight layers, the Mini Clips are multi-tonal, and come in 6 shades (but because of the multi-tone, they are still very easy to match with your own hair color).

Put On Pieces PonyPut On Ponys:

The Put On Ponys are a range of 5 different clip in pony tails. Each comes in an amazing 25 different colours, and the range includes: 'Sleek', 'Posh', 'Clique', 'Bounce' and 'Layered Waves'. Each of the Put On Pony's simply requires clipping onto the head. Instant glamour!

Put On Pieces WrapPut On Wraps:

The Put On Pieces Wraps are a variant on the Put On Ponys, to give a different look to a groomed pony. These are available in an amazing 34 different shades, including a wide range of grays. The Put On Wraps are available in the following: 'Pouf', 'Feather Wrap', 'Straight and More,' and 'Wavy Wrap'.

Put On Pieces Vibralite Hair Extension Vibralite Synthetic Hair Extensions:

These are available as 2-piece or 10-piece extensions – in either short or wavy. The straight pieces are 16" in length, while the wavy are 18". Available in 21 colors.

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