Networking or by any means necessary you are attempting to be first in line for the next promotion. Corporate America is a cut throat bunch in this current economic climate.  Allow your leaders to see the quality work you can deliver and learn how to put yourself first in line for the next promotion by following these suggestions.

  • Stop blaming your boss for everything –including not getting a promotion


More than likely he is simply a cog in the same wheel as you are. Your boss is in charge and you aren’t and that isn’t changing anytime soon.

Remember, when you become the boss someone will complain about you also. There are bad bosses in some situations. However, everyone isn’t a perfect boss and the likelihood that you would be one is highly unlikely.


  • If you want a promotion, don’t wait until review time to work towards it or ask one


Many people who work in corporate America wait until review time to do everything they should have worked on all year. It’s similar to your New Year’s resolution. You started out with great steam but about 2 to 3 weeks into the New Year you made an excuse and didn’t make changes. Don’t allow this to happen with your promotion.

 Work on changes, educating, training and any other tools available to get the next promotion.


  • Put your ear to the gossip queen


There is one in every office that seems to know what’s going on before anyone else does and is seldom wrong with her premonitions and information around the office.

 Don’t gossip in the office but if you typically ignore what’s going on around you, pay attention. You may hear a tidbit of information that permits you to have a crystal ball into what’s going on in the promotion department. What’s coming up and who is coming up or even out.


  • Make certain you are being a team player


A team player means that you are putting yourself into your work 100% and are willing to help others do their 100%. This doesn’t always necessarily mean that it will be reciprocated.

 Remember that there are times when you have to give without assuming you are getting anything back in return. However, you never know who is  watching. It could be your boss or his boss because you can help the team meet their goals.

These are tools and tips that you can use to be first in line for the next promotion. Remember, nothing comes easy and neither will this. Hard work and perseverance coupled with these tips can get you the next promotion.

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