Creative ideas to gain weight

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Gaining weight may not be a popular thing that many people want to do but there may be situations that may require people to do that. Similarly to losing weight, gaining weight needs to be done under controlled circumstances and your health should always be maintained throughout the exercise.

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The best way to put on weight is to do it through muscle building. This would require muscle toning and strength training for you to achieve this task. This is the advisable way to put on weight versus the formation of fat. Gaining too much fat quickly can result in an unhealthy lifestyle and cause health problems for the person.

When putting on the extra weight, one must take moderation and patience into consideration. The sudden gain of weight can be a shock to the body and the systems so anything being done should be carried out with self-control.


To put on weight the first thing that needs to be adjusted is the diet of the person. This needs to be a balanced diet that contains proteins, carbohydrates and the right kinds of fat in small amounts. Instead of eating foods that are high in fat, you should aim to consume more calories, vitamins and minerals. The key to the weight gain is to have a moderate amount of calorie intake versus having too much food and overeating. Exercising before meal  times can also help to stimulate your appetite.

Always pay attention to consuming the right amount of protein, carbohydrates and fats. An example of a good meal is a portion of meat, poultry or fish served with green vegetables. Food such as potatoes, corn or rice can be added for the starch portion of the meal. Added calories can be apportioned to your vegetables by topping them with margarine or cheese.

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There may be dietary supplements that can allow you to gain weight and gain muscle mass. These are generally used by bodybuilders and are usually coupled with weight training. When you put on weight it should go hand in hand with exercise. Converting the weight to muscle will allow you to have greater control over your body.

There are unhealthy ways of adding calories to your diet such as fried foods. These can cause more harm than good and it is best to stick to high calorie foods that have been baked, poached or stir fried.

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The main thing that will make you put on weight successfully is a good attitude. Whatever your reason is for choosing to do this, you must have a consistent plan that you are committed to. The weight gain can be influenced by many things such as your appetite, body type, metabolism, occupation etc. These things may slow down the effectiveness of your action but you should not be discouraged. As long as you maintain your commitment then you will eventually achieve your desired results.

There may be different reasons for your wanting to put on weight but with the right diet, exercise, and determination you can achieve your goal.