Freelance article writers will write hundreds of different articles and generally will belong to several different article writing or content authority sites to publish their work. Publishing articles online is a terrific way to make income. Google AdSense and other advertising revenue resources are used to increase your income or monetize the articles that you are publishing. Some of the sites that you write articles for are willing to publish duplicate content. Is this a great idea? Putting duplicate content on the internet is not a great idea for a number of reasons.

Putting duplicate content on the internet can more than likely cost you money as a writer. Google is the kingpin when it comes to the internet. With Google content is king. The algorithm that Google uses to rank articles and review them will flag duplicate content. Duplicate content can cost you with Google. Duplicate content is ignored by the Google algorithm.

Writers are creating articles for the web to get passive income from your page views. Ignored content costs you money. This means that Google and other search engines will not display the duplicate content in their search engines and readers will not get to see or read your content. No readers can mean no Google AdSense monies and other earnings with advertisements such as Amazon, Ebay, Kontera and Chikita to name a few.

If you are writing for two different internet article sites putting duplicate content on the internet can get the wrong article ignored. For an example, one website is giving you an AdSense revenue share of 80% while another is giving 60%. What if the ignored content is the 80% revenue share site? Wouldn’t you rather have the 60% duplicate content you put on the web ignored?

The smart thing to do is stay away from putting duplicate content on the internet. Even if you have a website that permits duplicate content  published, do not put duplicate content on the internet when you write your articles. A smarter move or more intelligent decision would be to rewrite or spin an article. You can either manually spin an article or use a software program to spin an article instead of putting duplicate content on the internet.

You can spin the article and the title to make a new article with your same keywords or keyword phrases and have both of your articles pass the Google algorithm. English is a language where you can say the same thing hundreds of different ways. Use different words or rewrite a paragraph of words to get the same thoughts, ideas and meanings across to a reader. Taking advantage of using the English language is something that writers should do and many writers do  many times when they create articles. Use these same skills to produce new content from the same information or material at hand.

Putting duplicate content on the web is a waste of your valuable resources and will cost you with Google, page views and money in the end. Take the time to rewrite your duplicate articles instead of putting duplicate content on the web as a writer that has the capability to maximize the monetary value of each article you produce.