Although figures suggest that the UK is slowly coming out of a slump and that the online industry is booming, there are still plenty of people who would certainly suggest that they are struggling. The problem is that the UK has always been a great place for manufacturing and many of the workers throughout the UK have relied on this, for their source of income. Here is the thing; China, Japan and even places like Taiwan are slowly taking over, producing items at a much lower rate than any UK factory could ever dream about, so is there really a future in manufacturing for the UK?

Producing Energy

One of the big costs when it comes to buying items that are manufactured in the likes of China is transportation. The UK is becoming big when it comes to solar energy, with more and more wind farms opening every day. Instead of importing these items then, surely, we could just make them here? Not only would this mean that they could be produced on a smaller scale if needs be, but it also means that the environment would benefit too. Instead of shipping items thousands of miles for the sake of it, we can have them made, right on our door step!

What About The Economy?

Imagine the economic impact that we would see if suddenly, factories were opening instead of closing. Some major factories throughout the UK have closed over the past few years. In fact, even those that are not closing, are laying workers off to a point where most people feel anxious about their level of job security, every single day. The economy in the UK would directly benefit from investing in an eco-friendly energy production infrastructure, for a whole host of reasons and not just in terms of the environment.

What About Wind Farms?

This is possibly one of the biggest problems relating to wind based energy; people do not like the look of wind turbines. The fact is, they are big, bulky, heavy items and they really are not very aesthetically pleasing. For this reason, when 20 pop up in a nice piece of countryside, the chances are, there are going to be a lot of complaints. Of course, there are ways around this. There are plenty of pieces of land that are not only out of the way, but are also great locations for wind farms.

It is worth considering that the majority of land is likely to be built on at some point. If it is not wind turbines helping the planet, it is likely to be houses, offices or factories. In fact, hundreds of pieces of land get developed on every single day, but they do not help the environment; this is a chance to make a difference! It is not a choice many people want to make, but most people would tend to agree, that the prospect of a wind farm is certainly a better prospect than having an industrial estate on their door step.