Coffee & Paper(117093)

To start writing an article  or short story is not that hard to do . Choosing a title for that article or story will  be more difficult some times though. So  a good idea is to carry a small notepad that can easily fit into a pocket. That way when you have a good topic of something that you are going to write about you can write it down . There is nothing worse than writers block because you forgot what idea you had because you did not write it down . It will be worth having when you need to write something . A small notebook is good also to carry with you when you have that moment of inspiration to write something. There has been often times when people had a good article that they could write but forgot it because they did not write it down . Sometimes you may only get a paragraph for an article because you ran out of words to express on paper , but why should all that thought go to waste . It shouldn't go to waste so write it down so you can always come back to it later. But in that spur of the moment when you have a lot to say on paper you do not want to waste that opportunity to write something great . So you can see how putting pen to paper can really help you to write more at the same time avoiding writers block . I can remember the first article  by me that i would write when sitting in the woods hunting . My notepad started to fill with  some ideas and different topics as the pen in my hand spilled its ink of thought . That first article by me was very important for me to write . Also having more choices of topics and ideas of your own written in your notepad gives you a better start when writing . So go out and grab some supplies for your writing . Put them in places you tend to go and relax at home , or put them in your car . The  bags you carry with you on a daily basis is a good place to keep the notepads . This is how you get the results you're looking for when by simply putting that pencil to paper on the go , or at that time sitting by the window drinking a cup of coffee . When that time of good thought comes to mind keep a notepad at the ready to write it down. Everyone gets caught of guard so plan  for those moments and put those notepads to good use . Putting this food for thought to use will diffidently make your writing skills more efficient .