What is a QR Code? (A Brief History)

QR CodeQR stands for Quick Response code and code consist of a pattern of black squares on a white background readable by QR barcode readers and camera phones. The information encoded may be text, url, or other data.

The QR code originated in Japan and was create for tracking parts in vehicle manufacturing, allow its contents to be decoded at a high speed. Since, it has been used for government and entertainment purposes, books, coins, and more recently on an offline marketing.

How You Can Use QR Codes to Make Money

Let's say you have an affiliate product you would like to promote, but you don't have the SEO, backlinking, or social media skills or knowledge to pull off promoting it online. Well, fortunately, you can make use of QR codes to get people's attention offline. (Because these days nearly everyone has a mobile device that has a camera, and a QR code is a quick way for a person to access your site/product/or content without actually having to type in anything on their phone. They just need a simple Scan app).

Checklist For Making Your QR Code Ad or Flyer

  1. First, find an affiliate product you would like to promote. Clickbank.com is a great place to start. Sign up for an affiliate program or get the hoplink for the affiliate product you're promoting from Clickbank.com.
  2. Next, head on over to a url shortener like bit.ly. Create your short url. e.g. - if you were promoting an acne product, you might want it to be something like bit.ly/nomoreacne.
  3. Copy that short url and let's now create your QR code. Paste the short url in the box, make sure url is selected and choose XL as the size and click 'Generate'. (I always like to select the largest sized image since we'll be printing this out, and we want it to be as clear as possible).
  4. Write your copy for your handout or flyer for your affiliate product. You may want to check out the book The Copywriter's Handbook for help on writing effective copy.
  5. Combine the copy and the QR code for your flyer or whatever means you're using to get your message across, head down to your local print shop or OfficeMax and get a few copies made.
  6. Pin point some high traffic public places where people will be that you can hang your flyer. e.g. - telephone polls (at stoplights), community boards in restaurants, laundry room or mailboxes in apartment complexes, etc.
Tip - another solution is making a business card with the QR code and a short phrase like, "Cure Acne Naturally….in Just 3 Days!" Get them printed online for cheap at a place like GotPrint.com or Moo.com, visiting your local bookstore, and inserting them in related books and magazines.
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