Choosing one of the many quad bike helmets that are sold in ATV stores can be rather difficult; there are features to look for, brands to consider, and models to choose from! However, anybody can make an educated decision with the right information at hand! Protective equipment is absolutely important when you are riding on an ATV because it will protect your fragile body parts in the unfortunate event of a crash or fall. There have been people that thought that they could ride a quad bike without wearing a helmet; almost all of them have scars on their heads to prove their lack of thinking!

I should bring up the fact that quad bikes and ATVs are the same things; Australia refers to these 4 wheeled vehicles as quad bikes, and the United States refers to them as All Terrain Vehicles! With that being said, all of the helmets are interchangeable between these two vehicles; you can use the same helmets on either of them!

The Best ATV Helmets Will Have A Visor Over The Front Of Them

Quad bikes are meant to be ridden through all terrains. This means that you will be riding the vehicle through dirt, sand, gravel, rain, mud, and any of earth`s elements that you can think of! With that being said, you can imagine how much debris will be coming towards your face at high speeds. Those are the times that you will appreciate the helmet`s visor more than anything else. You can buy all types of helmet accessories that range from dialing chin straps to ear guards; however, the visor seems to be the most important AYV helmet accessory.

Seeing as it is extremely important, the best helmets for ATVs will come equipped with a visor! The cheap helmets will have a visor that cannot be removed, and the helmets that are a little bit more expensive will come with a snap-on visor that can be removed!

AFX Is By Far The Largest Producer Of Quad Bike Helmets

There are literally over 100 brands that produce helmets that can be worn while on your ATV; moreover, each of these brands produce a variety of novelty, full face, modular, and off road helmets. Some of the most popular brands are Arai, Raider, HJC, and Sparx. These companies are all well-known; however, none of them produce as many ATV helmets as AFX! Here are two models to consider:

AFX FX-17 Skull Helmet- This is one of the most stylish novelty quad bikes helmets that I have seen in a long time! It features an electric blue base with a scary skull image on the side. In addition to it being made of a lightweight composite poly-alloy material, it can be purchased for less than $100!

FX-39 DS Strike Helmet-This is one of AFX`s most expensive helmets; however, it has plenty of useful features! It is one of the most durable pieces of ATV protective gear, but it is one of the only helmets that I would trust at speeds that are upwards of 50 km/hour!

Choose One With Vents For The Proper Air Flow

Surprisingly, a lot of companies have overlooked the comfort factor when they were producing ATV gear. Every motorcycle helmet has at least a few ventilation holes; however, four wheeler helmets are rarely equipped with them! With that being said, a helmet with vents may cost you some more money, but it will be well worth it in the long run.

Safely riding a four wheeler is about feeling comfortable enough to concentrate on the obstacles and paths that are surrounding your vehicle. A non-vented quad bike helmet will cause you to feel hot and uncomfortable; therefore, removing your focus from the ATV’s surrounding and placing it on the helmet!

Buy An ATV Helmet, Gloves, And Goggles Together To Save Some Money-A Complete ATV Protection Pack

Almost everybody knows that you can save money when you buy products together; this rule follows when you are buying ATV gear.  Choosing to buy goggles, gloves, and a helmet together will cost you more as a one-time fee at the register, but will save you money in the long run. For instance, when purchased separately, an ATV helmet will cost about $80, gloves will cost you about $30, and goggles will run you up an additional $25. In the same token, buying them as an combo pack will probably cost you about $105, which means that you will save quite a bit of money on your four wheeler protective gear!

At the end of the day, you should buy the helmet, gloves and goggles that allow you to feel the most comfortable when you are riding on your ATV. The quad bike helmets that are listed throughout this article should be considered before any others, as they will offer you protection and style!