750cc Quad Bike

Let me start off by saying that quad bikes in general, like all things continues to evolve. The manufacturing of quad bikes is a serious business and designers from each manufacturer will always try to provide designs better than the last one. Advanced drivers of quad bikes are always on the lookout for the latest designs and technology being introduced in new models.

The advanced quad bike rider is especially keen on the latest introductions from manufacturers. Listed below are a number of features that they look for when acquiring a new road legal bike.

Speed - This is perhaps one of the most important factors that are considered by serious quad riders. While speed is important, the fastest is not necessarily the best suited for many. Quad bikes used off road don't necessarily need all that horsepower. Many advanced riders use the same bike off and on the road. Speed is important when a bike is used on the road; however, advanced riders like to have a good mix of high torque while maintaining speed at top gear. Torque is great for off road quads, while speed is more important for street quad. Finding the right balance between speed and torque is really a personal choice of the rider. Road legal bikes can have engine displacements reaching 1000 cc, however the more popular bikes range between 350cc to 750 cc.

Chassis design – Advanced users like to have a very stable chassis. Riding at high speed can be dangerous and many manufacturers build the chassis on a quad bike with the speed as one of the primary considerations. Typically the greater the speed, the more stable a chassis should be. This is done by widening and lengthening the chassis to provide a larger footprint to carry the weight and stress on the bike. The effect gives a lower center of gravity thus creating more stability. Most advanced riders are aware of the risk involved in high speed rides, thus it isn't rare that you would find most of them are very conscious of safety.

Transmission – Most advance road legal quad users like using manual transmission as opposed to automatic transmission. The use of manual transmission gives the user better control and flexibility of the bike. An advanced user likes the feeling of controlling the speed of the bike while driving both on and off road.

The features listed above are just some of the considerations taken by advanced users when deciding on the type of road legal quad bike to buy. Those features mentioned above are perhaps the most common that are measured. There are many other considerations such as the brake system, the exhaust system, suspension, fuel capacity, weight and brand to name a few. Ultimately, advanced users are very discerning when selecting a road legal quad bike. Most of them have developed personal styles, likes and dislikes on specific designs and this is what forms most of their basis for deciding on one design over another.