To conduct this particular easy card trick, get the Ace out of each of three red-backed packs and toss one of them completely. Put a couple of the A's at the rear edge of your table, the ends projecting over it a bit and conceal them by simply laying a blue pack in its case over them. Get the three red packs adequately shuffled, setting them together as one substantial pack. Get the blue pack with the a pair of undetectable A's beneath it and taking back the triple heap rest the blue case on it for a moment leaving the A's on top.

Your next move to perform easy card tricks such as this one is usually to set the triple pack down and hand the blue pack, taking it out of its case, to a spectator. Turn your back or even leave the room. Advise the spectator to take virtually any card in the blue pack as well as place the remaining portion of the pack in his pocket. Ask an additional person to deal a row of playing cards face down from the triple pack on the table, the second person to stop him anytime and fit his blue-backed card face down at the right-hand end of the row as the final card. A tiny identical number of cards is next dealt sequentially on the backside of each card in the row plus the heaps are to be constructed by picking up the one first dealt at the left end, putting it on top of the second, these two on the third and so forth.

A third person at this point takes the pack so assembled, cuts some and, keeping it face up, deals the cards one by one, calling their names when he does so. As soon as he calls the 1st AC you begin keeping track of the cards too and including the next AC, the number would be the number originally in each and every heap and the preferred blue-backed card will lie precisely that number of cards from the second AC. You call 'Stop' and turn around. The second spectator names his card, it is the one the third spectator has in his hand. He turns it over, it's got a blue back. It's incredible how simple these easy card tricks for beginners usually are!