For many of us, finding discounted and low-priced items can be sort of a hobby. Cheap skateboard decks are some of the more hot items right now due to the immense popularity in the sport. Supply and demand is one of the fundamental basics to our capitalistic economy, and when cheap skateboard decks are as high in demand as they are today (combined with the wonders of the internetz) , they are usually not too hard to find, depending on what you classify as a "cheap skateboard deck".

The hardest part about trying to find cheap skateboard decks is determining whether or not the product is quality or durable and is worth your precious limited money. It's not hard to find yourself looking at cheap skateboard decks that are priced super low and being tempted to buy those instead of more reasonably priced ones either. With our economy as bad as it is and the national obsession with online sales and discounts and people trying to buy the lowest priced things they can find, a lot of buyers forget that sometimes a low price is just too low. You can't expect to get quality durable cheap skateboard decks for absurdly low prices. In this article we will go over the ideal price range you should be looking in to get all the bang for your limited buck, discuss the different types of cheap skateboard decks available, and where to buy them.

Cheap skateboard deck prices - How low is too low?

A pretty big mistake some people make when they're looking for cheap skateboard decks is just going with the lowest price they find and expecting more than what is really offered. There is a limit to how low a cheap skateboard deck will be priced before you start running the risk of buying a poor-quality product. Chances are you're not going to find anything worth your time or money under $20. Most skateboards sell for around $50-$65 on average so if you can find one for anywhere between $25-$45, you are going to be getting a great deal the majority of the time.

Even though it's easy to buy cheap skateboard decks for super low prices, this isn't the best way of going about finding quality products. More often than not that cheap skateboard deck is a little bit too cheap. You can go ahead and get it, but don't expect it to last more than a month at the most unless you don't skate very much. If you just need a temporary board to hold you over until you get that fat paycheck in a few weeks, then it's a different story. In that case, getting one discounted below $20 is okay if you're willing to ride on a less than ideal board for a little while. But for the majority of us, we want cheap skateboard decks that are going to last as long as the normal priced ones; otherwise if you have to buy them twice as often because they don't hold up, then you're not really saving much money are you?

There are two types of cheap skateboard decks to look for in the $25-$45 price range: blanks, and discount name brand skateboards.

Cheap Skateboard Decks (Blanks)Cheap skateboard decks - Blanks

Blank skateboard decks are just what they sound like. These are very cheap skateboard decks that are made by smaller companies and don't include any artwork or graphics on the bottom - usually just a plain color or no color at all. Blank skateboard decks are starting to get really popular now that money issues are more prevalent in society. If you find blanks from reputable companies like CCS and Moose, these are pretty much the best deal you can get on cheap skateboard decks.

Blanks are made from the same wood, they have the same ply, and same dimensions as any of the more expensive name brand boards but you don't have to pay mark-up for graphics or the name brand itself. The best blank skateboards sell anywhere from $25-$45 depending on where you look. Other than the fact that these are high-quality cheap skateboard decks, there are many other advantages of buying them as well. For instance, if you are an artist, you can buy blank skateboards and create your own graphics on them and re-sell them to your friends at the skatepark and make a little profit.

Cheap Skateboard Decks (Discount Name-Brands)Cheap skateboard decks - Discounted name brands

If you're like me then you like to stay loyal to your favorite skateboard company. Personally, I am a huge Black Label fan. If I'm going to go look for cheap skateboard decks, the first ones I am going to be looking for are discount Black Label skateboards. While they aren't as cheap as blank skateboard decks, they are still lower in price and you get the piece of mind knowing you have a board made by a reputable company. You can get cheap skateboard decks from pretty much any company, whether it be Element, Almost, Plan B, Zero, Alien Workshop, Chocolate, Baker, Zoo York, doesn't matter - they all have discount skateboards on sale all the time.

Discount name brands go on sale when stores start to get shipments of new models and they need to make room by selling whatever is left in stock at clearance and discount prices. The worst part about discount name brands is that they often come in not-so-common dimensions that you may not particularly want to skate on.

Where to buy cheap skateboard decks

When you're out and about in the real world, obviously the skate shops in your town are where you want to look. A lot of times you can find better deals on cheap skateboard decks on sale in skate shops than online because you don't have to worry about paying the shipping & handling costs and you have a chance to see what you're buying up close and decide if it's right for you before making your purchase.

Buying cheap skateboard decks online is the fastest and most efficient way of going about this, though. By shopping online, you have hundreds of stores and sales to compare right at your fingertips. You can also read product descriptions and get reviews & ratings sometimes that help you figure out if you're getting your money's worth.

Some of the best places to look for cheap skateboard decks are CCS, SkateAmerica, and eBay. However, there are dozens and dozens of other legit websites that sometimes offer better deals. When you're looking to buy cheap skateboard decks on eBay and other auction/private seller sites, make sure you are buying from reputable sellers with a lot of positive feedback under their belt. Cheap skateboard decks present ample opportunities for scam artists to make mad profit off of the ignorance of many online buyers.

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