denture cleaning solution

One of the daily routines that new denture wearers have to quickly adopt is the cleaning of their removable teeth. Oral hygiene is at least as important for dentures as for natural teeth since, in addition to the usual bacteria and food particles that can cause mouth infections, the gums and other surfaces are often subject to sore spots and denture adhesive residues. For these reasons a meticulous cleaning regime using a quality solution is vital for the care of your dentures, and for personal comfort.

Today's dentures are made of ultra-modern, technically innovative, precision medical grade materials, and the cleaning solutions on the current market are specialized in their compatibility with these modern components. Active ingredients associated with these solutions often include chemicals such as sodium perborate (a sterilizing and whitening agent), sodium polyphosphate and potassium monopersulfate, as well as flavors and water softeners. Dentures are commonly allowed to soak in the solution overnight, after being gently cleansed of physical build up with a denture “tooth” brush. The denture cleaning solution needs to be strong enough to remove all traces of the day’s denture adhesive, food stains and bacteria, yet mild enough to prevent damage to the surface of the teeth, even with daily treatment.

Denture creams are also an indispensable part of the denture wearer’s hygiene and routine. A review of denture adhesives will be helpful to anyone who is adjusting to dentures for the first time. The descriptions included below are sourced from actual customers experienced in the use of the particular products mentioned.

• Cushion Grip Thermoplastic Denture Adhesive. Positive features include the fact that the adhesive only needs to be applied once in 4 days, and can last up to two weeks. This compares well with most other brands that need to be applied daily, and reduces the real cost of Cushion Grip. On the negative side, the process of waiting half an hour to heat the tube so that the adhesive can be squeezed out frustrates some users.

• Super Poligrip Zinc Free Denture Adhesive Cream. Most reviewers appreciated the fact that there was no unpleasant taste or odor to this product, but a small percentage felt that it did not bond strongly enough for them.

• Fixodent Comfort Nature’s Inspiration Denture Adhesive Cream. The most appreciated feature of this product was its soft, chamomile infused, cushioned surface. On the down side, this adhesive generally needs to be applied daily.

• Fixodent Denture Adhesive Cream Plus Scope. Users reported that this product holds well throughout the day, and yet is easy to remove at night. A negative comment mentioned that the flavor of the adhesive seems to affect the taste of food and drink.

As limited as this review of denture adhesives may be, it will serve to show that there is a wide variety of products available, each with some unique feature that may prove to be a perfect fit for your denture, or partial denture appliance. Making a careful choice of both adhesive and denture cleaning solution will promote oral health, comfort and hygiene, as well as a confident smile, for many years to come.