Quality Leather Sofas

For ultimate luxury at home, there is nothing like quality leather sofas. High-quality leather feels nice on the skin, comfortable and lush. You are sure to get your money's worth with leather, so brands really don't matter all that much.

Most leather furniture come in a variety of contemporary and traditional designs or individualized designs that are built to last.

"Couch-surfing" is becoming much more of a trend today with adventurous, but thrifty travelers opting to move from couch to couch while exploring different continents and lifestyles from the comfort of home, and their latest TVs. Once you've got the TVs, you should be getting a quality sofa good enough to surf on as well.

So, what are the types of leather you should choose? These are some leather options you could consider:

Top Grain Leather
By far the highest quality of leather available which comes from the uppermost layer of the hide, durable and beautiful, however, it's also the most expensive.

Pure Aniline Leather
Is top grain leather that has been dyed without pigment which embraces the natural look of leather, but is available in several different natural colors.

Semi Aniline Leather
This type uses tiny amounts of pigment or sometimes a clear finish so that it maintains the look of pure aniline leather, but has more durable properties. Color consistency is more even, which is why more people prefer it: it combines the best of both worlds - a natural look that will hold up to daily wear and tear with rich, even colors.

Nubuck Leather
Quite similar to aniline leather, it's a top grain leather that has no pigment. However, nubuck leather is polished so its unique texture appears after the dying process. This creates a soft look preferred by those who want to soften the typically hard appearance of traditional leather furniture. Since nubuck is dyed without pigment, the drawback is that sun exposure increases the possibility of it fading over time.

Distressed Leather
A typical top grain that is aniline dyed, but goes through a distressing process for that aged leather appearance. Your best bet for getting that antique look without waiting for your leather furniture to age naturally.

Typically made of smaller skins; it has that nappy look of nubuck leather. Using suede on furniture proves to be a warm and inviting experience due to its incredibly soft texture. However, as the soft texture can trap stains, you might need to hire professionals to care for suede since caring for it is more difficult than regular top grain leather.

So after you choose your type of leather (stain-resistant, pliable, soft, durable, easier to maintain and keep clean); you also need to consider your preferred support (soft, firm,) before you look at the styles available (traditional, casual, relaxed and comfy looks).

Even though, good leather couches are great for adult homes, they're also great for families with little kids, since most leather types do not soak up stains and are easily cleaned.

Is it High Quality Leather?

Examine the leather sofas you want to buy. If you bought it online, examine it as soon as the furniture arrives and document the unpacking process. Pay attention to these details to make sure you're getting exactly what you paid for.

  • Touch and Feel. Run your hands lightly all over your new sofa. It should feel consistent all throughout and should be soft and smooth all over.

  • Look. Color quality should be consistent all throughout, except for natural shifts in shade. Any discolorations mean poor quality tanning or cheap leather hides were used for your sofa.

  • Check the Threads. Is it high quality waxed thread? It should be. There should be no loose seams, dangling threads, or uneven stitches; the stitches shouldn't pull on the leather or leave tears and holes in the leather where they were pulled through.

  • Check the Cushions. To test the sofa, seat yourself to see if all parts are comfortably cushioned. A high quality leather sofa will have padding all the way – from the head rest to the main back cushion, the actual seat, footrest and armrests. There's no need to check the cushioning at the back unless you bought a reversible unit. The stuffing should be even and should fold around the part of your body it comes into contact with.

  • Check for Shifting. When you stand back up, the stuffing should adjust itself and bounce right back into position without getting crammed into corners, bunching up or creating unshapely bulges. Firm cushioning means a consistent shape, even after years of use.

When you're sure you don't have any quibbles with the quality of the product that has just been brought into your home, sit back, relax, and feel rest assured that you've made the best choice… high quality leather sofas are the ultimate pieces of furniture to home in on, to live in the lap of luxury.