When it comes to portable DVD players, you'll find that defective units are ubiquitous no matter what brand you choose. Either the battery life isn't what was advertised, the screen isn't displaying the picture correctly, or the hardware itself breaks as a result of cheap material. Whatever the case, after something like this happens, you'd be sure not to purchase from that company again. Some of the horror stories I've read relating to portable DVD player disasters are quite funny though. Like the irony of a company touting how kid tough their portable DVD player is, but when you start it up for the first time doesn't work. Or you're mailed a defective unit and return it only to receive another defective player - like you're playing a game of odds with the manufacturer. I mean, the least they can do before they send it out is test the product. Well, to avoid that from happening, here are a few highly-rated portable DVD players that are bestsellers on Amazon, meaning you're least likely to receive a defective product.

Sony DVP-FX950:

Not only does this player look cool with its sleek black design, but it has the goods to deliver. You'll be sure to enjoy the high-resolution 9-inch screen while on the go. Customers who bought this noted it's superior picture quality and nice sound. It comes with a remote, but there are also buttons below the screen you can use to control playback - besides, it'd look kind of silly using a remote 2 inches away. Still though, it'd be a good gift for an older relative who had to live through the harsh years before the remote control was invented. The 180 degree swivel screen gives this player more flexibility, and it saves space being able to form into a tablet. It also has USB connectivity so you can view photos and listen to music, but be warned you can't play video. A few negative reviewers had the misconception you could and were sorely disappointed. Another impressive feature this product has is the long battery life - 7.5 hours. You can watch a few movies on a long plane trip without worrying about power running out. And if you happen to run low while in your car, just use the DC adapter to power back up again.

Coby TFDVD7052:

This tablet DVD player from Coby is a customer favorite over on Amazon. It's a single unit tablet which isn't common since these usually are designed for in-car entertainment and come in two. A tablet DVD player saves room and can weigh less than laptop-style DVD players because of its compact size. On this particular device, there are plenty of positive reviews, but still, as is the case with all portable DVD players, you'll find a few negative too. But don't fret, only 6% of the reviews complained about defective products which is a lot better than most other devices. This portable DVD player is ideal for a son or daughter. As previously stated it doesn't weigh much so it's easy for them to carry, but also has parental lock control preventing a wandering kid from viewing a DVD from your collection. Also included are A/V inputs and outputs so you can play video games on the device or just use it as a DVD player to watch movies on a larger screen.

Sony DVP-FX750:

Sony is really the brand to buy from when it comes to quality portable DVD players. Across the board, their devices have the highest reviews on Amazon. Their DVP-FX line of portable DVD players have features that most other brands lack. For instance, being able to power down the device, but still starting where you left off when you're ready to watch again. A three hour battery life for the 7-inch players and a 7.5 for their 9-inch, longer than you get on most other players, respectively. And simply just top-grade electronics with minimal defective parts being sent out, probably the least I've seen from any other brand. They've really hit the nail on the head with this one. The DVP-FX750 also has a built-in rechargeable battery pack in case your taking a trip on a plane and need an extra boost.

Sony is a leading company in the electronics industry, defeating Toshiba's HD DVD with their Blu-ray format not too long ago, so of course they can make a decent portable DVD player. Conversely, if you needed something a little less expensive and didn't mind purchasing from a smaller company, a portable DVD player from Venturer would serve as an adequate alternative. Although they may be hard to find, the prices are usually quite low. Ebay usually has a good selection. Otherwise, I'd go with Sony.