Magna-Tiles: My Favorite Toy Ever

For about a year I worked as a teacher for a preschool. One of my favorite items at school also happened to be favored by my son. What are these things and how are they so durable? They were safe enough (magnets) to be around toddlers and durable enough that the preschoolers could bash them around without harm. One day I squinted enough to barely make out the brand on the edge of the tile.

MAGNA-TILES! What a dream! I was so excited to see how much enjoyment my son (two at the time) would get while he was at school too. As we were expecting a little girl at Christmas, we knew that the Magna-Tiles would be a perfect gift since we would no longer be at school. 

I absolutely love the whole concept of these magnets. The interior magnets are strong enough to build with yet light enough that little learning hands can still build with them. With a variety of colors ranging from jewel-tone "clear" to whites/solid color. The tiles are designed in shapes and sizes that arrange symmetrically. My son builds what we call "fortresses." I know that these will help in the development of his mathematical skills. In all honesty, math is not my strongest suit and I wish that I had something like this when I was young!

Watching your children learn is a gift. To see their eyes taking in every movement that you make. You know that their little ears are hearing everything; even if you don't think that they are listening. Actually being able to watch my son put these pieces together to build spectacular works of art (really they are!) is indescribable. He has a clear vision for where he wants each piece to go. Gracefully he says to me, "No, mommy, not there," in his sweet little voice. I let him take the wheel. I cannot say that there is another toy like it, because I haven't tested them all. However, this is one of a kind, quality and educational through play. That is key in child development. Learning through play.

We started off with a starter kit, then my mom bought him a kit with windows and tunnels. When my father-in-law asked if he needed more, we quickly jumped at that thought. We now have 180 Magna-Tiles being built into "rocket ships" and "hotels" although we think that his designs look like the Guggenheim! We are convinced that our 3yr old son will be the next best architect!!

Magna-Tile CityCredit: Alexandra Fisher
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